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  1. joer6

    Steering stem nut

    gregg the suzuki tool requires two parts and the part numbers are 09940-14911, and 09940-14960. which i wouldn't waste my time buying because together they are well over a 130 dollars the manual does say to torque it to 32.5 foot pounds which is a good wack with a hammer, and screwdriver, or extension, or whatever you use to do it with. also this is not one of those situations were the more grease you throw at it the better. it takes a certain amount and thats about it. you might take that nut in to you local auto parts store and see of some 4x4 hub socket will fit it. back when i worked on cars and trucks the 4x4 spindle nuts and some vehicles looked like that. hope this helps.
  2. joer6

    Ha-ha, skeleton on a motorcycle..

    thats freaking great
  3. joer6

    RC got his points back!!

    yes the rule does need to be edited to be reasonable. manufacturers having to pay the amount they are paying to have their fuel tested is unreasonable.imo. i am a huge rc fan and have been for along time, but a rule is a rule and it should have been enforced.imo. also with that being said, now the points battle is closer, and the racing is going to be better, and who knows who will win the title now.
  4. joer6

    RC got his points back!!

    http://www.amamotocross.com/article.php?UID=2g6tmyCPVouyWUbPSvtITK0HwE69NL&sc=1003&aid=7496 not sure how i feel on this situation.
  5. joer6

    Chain Question...

    DID ert gold is what i have on my bike. it didn't seem to last a whole long time though.
  6. joer6

    steel braided front brake line

    galfer makes a good one for street bikes. not so sure about dirt bikes. i put a galfer steel line on the front of my yz and didn't help at all.
  7. joer6

    180 hours and going :)

    brings a new meaning to the term no such thing as bad publicity. wow!!
  8. joer6

    Factory Oil

    i believe they are shipped with a 10/40 suzuki oil. it is not synthetic. you can run some synthetics in these bikes you have to watch out for some additives that can cause the clutch to slip. i run klotz 10/40 mx4 oil in mine. hope this helps.
  9. joer6

    stupid question??

    thanks for the help!!
  10. joer6

    Yamaha stupid question??

    about two years ago i did a cam mod on one of these beast and forgot if it is advancing or retarding the exhaust cam one tooth. thanks for any help and apologize for the lame question.
  11. joer6

    Overflow tank location

    looks good gregg you should market and sell them bad boys
  12. joer6

    Pic of The King taking out Bubba

    http://supercross.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=15934&sid=3d3161fe739e8f4c0b5e44b45cf1b88b found this on another forum. hope the link works. third pic down.
  13. joer6

    One Year Anniversary

    you will like the result with race tech goodies in you bike. i have it and love it. mine is a year and a month old and no probs. adjusted cam chain 3 times no issues at all what so ever. oh wait i take that back the only issue ive had is not being able to ride it enough. thats my biggest problem.
  14. joer6

    03 drz 250 blowing fuses

    the 10 amp fuse just blows sometimes. then the electric start don't work but the bike will still run with kick starter. the only thing is the headlight is blown but i wouldn't think that would have anything to do with it. not sure. just wondering if anybody else has had the same issue with their bike and see what fixed their problem. thanks
  15. has anybody had a prob were the 10 amp fuse keeps blowing? the one on the starter relay. thanks