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    Xr200r Cam Chain way to loose

    "I have the bolt in at the top of the cam tensioner before someone asks since its not in the picture." I did list that in the info but yes it was.. i figured it out the tensioner piece at the lower were it slides up and down it was ( you can kinda see it in the picture ) bent to a L shape what is need to look like is about a 45 angle on like in this picture.. i pulled it out and bent it back down and bowed the middle out more and it looks brand new!
  2. spooledupgti

    Xr200r Cam Chain way to loose

    Hello I just recently got a brand new timing chain for my bike off XRSONLY.com I gave them a call and yet to hear back from them so im jumping on here to ask questions.. there is a cam tensioner that slides up and down with the engine running but i couldnt seem to get the chain to tighten up for me. so i took off the pulse generator and at the lower end the flywheel.. what i seen didnt look to good to me.. the chain is to the point that its so loose that i can jump a tooth with just my finger.. the shaft for the cam tensioner slides up and down to adjust how much it pushes on the chain.. i started to try to do it by hand to make sure it was adjusting right but i dont even think its frees up the slack enough to make it safe.. when you push the cam tensioner up to the top and makes the tensioner push into the chain (tighten) then when you pull it down and takes away from it (loosen). Is there something im missing or? I have the bolt in at the top of the cam tensioner before someone asks since its not in the picture. I counted the links on the chain its 100 which i believe what it calls for, i mean the chain looks like it can have a 1/2 link to a link out to make it work right i had a old chain from a 125 which is two links short and it almost fits.. does anyone have any ideas for me.. As you can see in the picture the chain is slapping the middle of that piece of engine.. i was almost thinking about taking up the slack by shoving something up between the cam tensioner and the wall to help bow it out in the middle to apply more pressure on to the chain.. I also wanted to add inside the yellow that got hit by a peice of engine that broke off and got bent i fix it back to where it looks like it needs to be would that have anything to do with the cam tensioner?