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  1. Endurordr

    Sunday 11/13 ride (CC, Cow, ANYWHERE!!)

    I HAVE NOT poached enduro trails before. I'm with AngryShawn on this one. Pony up the money and do the event. The clubs need the support...NO, scratch that, WE (the motorcycle community) need the support. I would love to race but the bike isn't ready for racing this weekend, this is what tommorrow is all about for me, getting ready for Wilseyville next weekend.
  2. Wish I wasn't in Santa Rosa, I'd be going for it. I need to ride on Sunday but GT is just to far, never been there. Heard it's a great place to ride. Have fun ya'll.
  3. Endurordr

    Sunday 11/13 ride (CC, Cow, ANYWHERE!!)

    I'm open for that weekend too. I NEED to get out this weekend to do some fine tuning before Wilseyville next weekend. Anyone else?
  4. I'm going to try this again. ANYONE want to ride this Sunday? I'm not short of begging!!! Edit: SUNDAY THE 14TH!!!!
  5. Where is Georgetown? I'm in Santa Rosa and may be up for going. Not sure at this moment though. I'll probably be away from the computer most of the night so use this: kris@soilandrocks.com Thanks
  6. I'm off. I wanna ride. Who's in? I live in Santa Rosa.
  7. I was planning on going to Oregon for the 4th of July until I found out I could be arrested for "Child Endagerment" for having my 4 year old ride her PW50 on public lands. ARE YOU KIDDING!?! So anyways, I need a new camping spot. I would really like a place where I could not only ride w/my daughter but also maybe camp near a river/lake. Anyone have any ideas they want to share? I know they are out there, just someone needs to be willing to give it up. I think Morningstar is out for this year. Sounds like it's getting worse up there.
  8. Endurordr

    California Phantom HS video?

    Does anyone have any/or know where to find a video of the start for the Phantom HS from last weekend (March 20)? I had a GREAT holeshot I would like to see but wasn't there with anyone so therefore I have no video. Thanks in advance
  9. Endurordr

    Upper Lake riding SUNDAY!!!

    No obstructions at all. Very little snow and a great time. Didn't go to Stony this time because of limited fuel on one of the bikes. It was a great time again.
  10. Endurordr

    Upper Lake riding SUNDAY!!!

    For anyone who DID NOT ride today, ya'll missed a great day on the trails.
  11. Endurordr

    Upper Lake riding SUNDAY!!!

    Unfortunatly I'm out for next Friday. Out of town, I will infact be going tomorrow (Sunday), so hopefully someone will be there to ride with.
  12. Endurordr

    Upper Lake riding SUNDAY!!!

    It'll be open (CC Camp). Just called this morning (707-275-1430) and they are open with no rain in the forecast so conditions should be prime. Where are you coming from? Wanna ride CC? I'm not a big fan of Cow on the weekends becasue of so many people.
  13. ALL, I need a riding buddy for Sunday. Weather should be perfect. I'm a B class rider who can ride hard all day long (60 + miles). I wanna ride and not stop at every intersection for a 15 minute break. I can be there early get the riding done and get home. I live in Santa Rosa. Give me a call @ 623-466-3047. Thanks, Kris
  14. Endurordr

    Water pump seal failing?

    He's not MY "very expericenced KDX rider/racer/mechanic". But I do take his word very seriously. Anyways, I have seen all the search results, done all that. My issue is fixed, and it wasn't my seal. Thanks for all the help.
  15. Endurordr

    Water pump seal failing?

    Just an FYI, ya'll may want to check your crankcase hose and where it ends at. Make sure the end of it points down and isn't in a place where water can funnel into it. Heard from a very experienced KDX rider/racer/mechanic today that the water pump seal failure WILL NOT cause the water to leak to the trans oil, ONLY will run out the weep hole. The space between the two seals is 'dead air'. It looks like my issue was/is caused by the vent hose not being in the best position.