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  1. I looked up BLM regs for El Mirage and found this reference; "Vehicles operated on bladed dirt roads and paved highways (publicly maintained roads) must be registered for highway use. These roads may be crossed at a 90-degree angle by Off-Highway vehicles, but are not to be used for travel. (38025 CVC) All required safety equipment must be installed on such vehicles." Also, they will now be charging for access as of Oct. 1, $15 for a day permit. http://www.ca.blm.gov/barstow/mirage.html
  2. Birdy, that's scary. I assume you were on OHV land and not on a road... The law as I read it is really isn't that vague. A licensed vehicle on OHV land is specifically included in the definition of an OHV, and all equipment regs not specified in the OHV requirements are predicated by "when on a highway". I hope people fight those kinds of citations, it's just not right. Read those sections of the VC that I linked, see if you agree.....
  3. Thanks to you and your buddy. What is written in the VC would make it pretty hard to convict anyone on that, as all the equipment regs specifically say "when on a highway"... I used to carry copies of those VC sections with me, since I don't appreciate the rangers suggesting they can enforce laws that don't exist. So hopefully this info will prove helpful to someone out there !
  4. Unfortunately, that's not the case. I just went through that, registering a TTR250 in AZ for my wife using an AZ address. Our friendly ranger pointed out all the things that don't work. For one, any motorcycle in CA has to have all the CA equipment on it to be road legal. Since all I needed to get a plate in AZ was headlight and taillight, the lack of all the other stuff would make you an easy target for the CA cops. CA has all sorts of laws regarding out of state vehicles...if your primary residence is in CA, you have 10 days to register it. Operating an out of state vehicle with CA drivers license can bring a fine of around $500. Owning property in another state is not enough....they go by the primary residence, or if you are gainfully employed here you have to register here. So if you have an out of state drivers license, you can get away with it for a while, but you still need the equipment on the bike for highway use. The other possibility is "borrowing a bike temporarily" from someone living elsewhere, although they even have laws covering borrowing for an extended time. And you can forget about trying to register out of state an bringing it into CA later, you won't be able to register here without an EPA sticker. I think I'll just move to Arizona.....
  5. This is why I have posed the question; it's not what they are doing in practice, it's whether it is in fact backed up by law. This is when "enforcement" becomes harassment. As I read the vehicle code, a licensed vehicle operated on OHV lands is defined as and OHV and needs only to conform to those requirements. Sure seems to me like they use every opportunity to interfere with motorcycles, and I sure don't see them checking all the 4x4's. I have never been ticketed, and have always passed their half-hour attitude tests. It's a matter of principle that should be important to all of us, and has been on the increase for years.
  6. Thanks,Birdy, I would be interested. I've tried to get a concrete answer to this for several years. The sections of the code I cited seem to say a licensed vehicle is an OHV when operated on such land, and the street equipment requirements are clearly stated to be for vehicles when operated on a highway. I have spent hours searching, and can't find a law that says otherwise.
  7. Thanks, I have that packet. It refers to some sections of the VC, but not all that seem to apply to my question. The definitions of an OHV from section 38006; Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Defined 38006. As used in this division, an "off-highway motor vehicle" is any of the following: (a) A motor vehicle subject to the provisions of subdivision (a) of Section 38010. (licensed as an OHV) ( A motor vehicle registered under Section 4000, when such motor vehicle is operated on land to which this division has application. (Section 4000 covers licensing of vehicles for highway use).
  8. I have a broken turn signal on my Baja kitted XR600 which I've owned for about 12 years. I have not found any laws stating this is required offroad...only "policy" statements.
  9. Using a licensed vehicle on OHV land in California, I'm not completely clear on the legal requirements for equipment. I have read reports and experienced rangers saying they are "frustrated" with licensed bikes on green-sticker trails, and say they must comply with all the regulations for highway use. I have been told this in San Bernadino and Angeles forest areas. From my researching the California Vehicle code, I find information that seems to contradict that. Section 24001, application of vehicle equipment, specifically states the requirements are when used on a highway. 38001 says "off highway" includes green sticker lands, roads, and trails open to the public. Section 38006 defines an OHV to include any vehicle registered for highway use when operated on OHV land. Thus it seems to me that a vehicle operating on OHV lands is only required to conform to OHV equipment requirements since it is not a highway. Surely I am missing something, but I do find it annoying to have a ranger tell me I need a turn signal on an OHV trail, and that I'm not contributing to OHV funds...despite having multiple green sticker vehicles. Does anyone ever get ticketed for such equipment "violations" on OHV land ? And does it hold up if contested ?
  10. SCRacing

    help with stock o2 crf450

    I got a used 02 CRF 450 about a year ago. I put a piston in it a short time ago..that's about 3 years on it..and Honda recommends changing at 15hrs. It was an easy job, and everything inside looked great. So I'd say put a new one in and be safe. You might look into using an 04 piston, it has a little more compression. I also slotted the cam sprocket to advance the cam like the 03 and later models, and it liked it. White Brothers sells a sprocket you can buy.