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  1. sbk22atl

    Do I Really Want A Dual Sport???

    how hard would it be to title the husky? I live in GA and I am not really familiar with the laws concerning dirt bikes or motards.
  2. sbk22atl

    street legal motard???

    how does the smc handle dirt?? isn't the suspension set up shorter and more stiff??
  3. sbk22atl

    street legal motard???

    I have been trying to decide on which bike would make the best street legal motard? It needs to be able to take a lot of miles and be fast enough to keep me safe on the interstate. Where do I start???
  4. sbk22atl

    Do I Really Want A Dual Sport???

    I just realized that you already answered my rim swapping question. I think I am going to get a ktm 625 or ktm 525 and buy a conversion kit and motard rims and just hold onto the knobbies for the hardcore offroading. Now I am wondering about brakes and engine wear. Motards need the oversized discs for street use but you don't want that offroad. Any suggestions??? And how well does the engine of a dual sport hold up on the interstate? Is it easy to wear them out???
  5. sbk22atl

    Do I Really Want A Dual Sport???

    Is keeping two sets of wheels an option to keep in mind if I wanted to try to have a motard but also be able to get dirty? Then I could just put the knobbies on when I want to hit the dirt.
  6. sbk22atl

    Do I Really Want A Dual Sport???

    I have spent a lot of time looking at ktm's. So far I have found the 625 smc, 625 sxc, 525 sxc and exc, and all the model numbers are starting to look the same to me. Can anyone translate some of this?? Remember, I am leaning towards a street legal motard. More street than dirt but capable of dirt when needed.
  7. I am going to buy a new(probably used) bike sometime in the next month. My last bike was a GSXR 600 which is very sadly trashed now, by a friend, not me. I can not hold back enough to stay out of trouble on a sport bike and I am realizing how lucky I am to not be dead or in jail by now. I need something that I can play off road on yet can get me from point A to point B everyday. Also, point A and point B are seperated by about 30 miles of interstate. It needs to be fast enough to keep me safe and satisfied on the interstate and durable enough to take the beating that I know I will give it under any off-road circumstances. I really want a motard. But which one? New? Convert a used dirt bike myself? Buy one already converted? I am lost but I need to ride something soon before I go crazy.
  8. But what do I get if I'm looking for a street legal dual sport that can handle the interstate and inner-city roads as well as the mountains, fire roads, trails, and everything else that I have been dreaming about riding ever since my last dirt bike???
  9. sbk22atl

    This bike is trouble!!!

    I want a duke II bad... but, I have never owned a dual sport before and am worried about how much I will actually use it because I live in the city. Can a duke II handle interstate riding or would I need to trailer it outside of the city to get to the twisties that it is more accustomed to? How fast does it really go and how long can it handle going atleast 80? Anything slower than that and I'll be going crazy...