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  1. Hi all, I haven’t been on in a while but I need some help with my carb. Bike isn’t running right and I’m sort of at a loss for a solution. When I got the bike from my brother it had been sitting for a while and the carb was messed up. In May of 2016 I installed a brand new FCR MX 39 from DJ jetting. I followed their jetting recommendations, installed the carb and it ran great right out of the box, idled great and ran great for about 200 miles, didn’t ride it a lot obviously. This September I was riding it and it was running great right up until it wasn’t. It started popping when I let off on the throttle and would idle at all, just died at lower RPMs. The MX version has a vacuum port on the side that I put a vacuum plug on when and another on the head/intake that I did the same. These looked a little cracked so I replaced them and it didn’t improve anything. So the bike went onto storage for the winter until this last weekend. I pulled it out, it ran the same, so I removed the carb and shot carb cleaner thru all the orifices and watched for it to come out somewhere and it seemed like I shot it thru everywhere I could. I didn’t remove the float jet or the pilot jet so that could be the problem. The carb looked clean as whistle inside. Well I put it back on the bike and it ran better but not great. Rode it for 40 miles, it ran great at half to full throttle but popped and ran rough at low speed, when I would stop the idle would sometimes be high so I’d set it with the thumb screw throttle stop and the next time I stopped it would die because the idle was set too low, if I stopped and the idle was right sometimes the RPMs would just go up all on it’s own and then idle back down, when it did this the throttle didn’t move. I checked the rubber boot between the carb and the engine when I had it out and it looked fine and it’s on tight, I haven’t shot it with carb cleaner yet to look for leaks because it was hot, not overheated just hot from riding it. So, any thoughts, did I miss something when I cleaned the carb? Seems like carb to me but could something in the ignition be malfunctioning? Is there any other component on the engine able to allow air in the engine? I hate to pull the carb again for no reason, kind of seems like Groundhog Day. Thanks in advance. Edit: Well from what I'm told now I'm not supposed to use carb cleaner, not sure what I'm supposed to use, hope I didn't screw anything up.
  2. It does it just sitting in the garage or while riding and gas is sloshing around. And yea it gets hot in the garage. I haven't dumped it yet so that's not it.
  3. Hi all, I need some advice on my gas cap. The bike is a 2003 KLX400, the tank is black plastic and I think its stock. The gas cap has a std breather tube that is routed down the center of the headset. Problem is that it vents raw gas out the vent tube and all over the front fender. It even does it when it’s fairly low on gas and when it’s just sitting still. I’ve never had a bike do this before. What do you think the problem is, do I just need a new cap or is this a common problem with these? Thanks for looking.
  4. Does that replace both the case saver and the sprocket cover? I looked at their website and it's difficult to tell. Thanks
  5. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. One picture is the case saver, the other is both the case saver and the cover. Not quite as billet and bling as I was thinking but it looks like it would work. Says it fits DRZ 400 Year 2000+, it doesn’t say e or s model but says it would fit 14 or 15 tooth sprockets. Think this would fit? Any comments? Other options? Thanks again.
  6. My understanding is that without that part, case saver, if the chain breaks it can jam up between the front sprocket and the case and crack the case. I’ve ridden for a long time and saw a chain break now and then when we were younger and broke but I’ve never seen it crack a case so I don’t know but I’d rather run one than not.
  7. Yes that's what I'm looking for but in a stronger design that fits a 15 tooth sprocket.
  8. I'm not sure either of those are it but maybe. The piece I'm talking about is between the case and the cover. It does two things, it has shafts that the cover bolt passes thru that stand the cover away from the case, also a piece of flat sheet metal cut in a semicircle is attached to the two standoffs and aligns with the centerline of the chain to keep it from jamming up if the chain breaks. If any of that makes sense. I looked for a picture but couldn't find one. So, do you think either of those two options replaces that part under the cover?
  9. It's a Kawasaki KLX400R, stock 14/47. Thanks for the response.
  10. Thanks for the topic and also the replys, I always learn something here, now I need one more thing.
  11. Not sure of the correct term but when I went from a 14 tooth front sprocket to a 15 I had to clearance that guard in front of the sprocket to clear the chain. I beleive it's purpose is to keep the chain from breaking the case if the chain breaks. So now I need an aftermarket replacement. Anyone know the correct and perhaps recommend a better than stock replacement that fits withoud modification? Thanks
  12. What are these kilometers and litres you speak of?
  13. Thanks. Well I won't be commuting on this bike but I do live in a big state where a 200 mile off highway ride is normal. I've had a camel tank before and I just didn't fill it up if I was riding close to the fuel. I can't find anything on dry weight, do you think the tank is much heavier than stock dry?
  14. Thanks for the input everyone. I’ve been reading other threads also and like most things internet opinions vary. I like the idea of the tank with built in air deflectors, seems like that design is going to carry fuel lower and more forward, so that looks like IMS and Safari. Looks like Clark and Acerbis use the stock air deflectors. Correct me if I’m wrong there. Opinions vary on fit and finish of the IMS tank which makes me shy away from it but on the other hand the Safari costs twice as much as the others. I guess I need some convincing that I should spend nearly $500 on a gas tank. Thanks again.
  15. I have a stock 2.6 gallon tank on my bike. It became abundantly clear yesterday that isn’t enough. So I’m looking for recommendations on larger tanks. Acerbis, Clark, ? Thanks for the input. 2003 Kawasaki KLX 400R