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  1. RMark

    Riding ability?

    Novice moto guy, don't hit rev limiter. With Dr. D pipe, no reason to go up there, so I just shift at lower revs and she's happy. No valve problems on my '04 kxf 250 and none yet with the '05 CRF 250...knock on wood, fingers crossed mg
  2. RMark

    Cycle News 250f shootout.....

    Grunkthump cheated : Those are the results. Very good shootout from the standpoint of provided hp and torque figures, weights, etc. A keeper issue if you're in the market for a new ride in '06. Mark
  3. came out yesterday. Any guesses on the results before the reveal??? Mark
  4. RMark

    40+ older riders out there help me?

    44 y/o, and often consider hanging things up after I get hurt. But I just slow down a bit more, completely ignore stupid jumps and roll 'em, and still have a blast. The #1 jump I avoid is one with a stupid lip. They're unpredictable and not worth the risk. I've had to let the ego go and just have a good time....back as a teen I won a few from sheer determination and stupidity. Often won, often broke bones. Just can't do that anymore, so not racing, but having a good time riding only with guys of similar skills to avoid too much adrenaline. Mark
  5. RMark

    so is there really a problem?

    I'm sure there's a problem. And I'm sure my old '04 that ran great for a year before I sold it, and to my knowledge is still going strong, is going to blow any day now Take good care of the bike and enjoy it. fwiw, I know people who've blown motors on all the brands, and if they were reasonably new, the factories did take care of them. But lots more people have ridden the snot out of their bikes w/o a problem. The only guy I know of with an '06 kxf has had no problems, but his jetting is off a bit....not a biggy. Mark
  6. RMark

    Should I buy a new 2004 CRF250R for $4000?

    Local shop here is selling brand new '04's for $3999 plus tax. No other fees. Last I heard, they had over 20 of them in the warehouse. Mark
  7. RMark

    Jumping HOW TOO

    All good tips here (especially vomiting in your helmet ), but the one thing that finally got me over a small double was following a friend that I trusted, had watched clear it a million times, so I knew what would happen. Stayed about 10 feet behind him and held steady all the way over. Still remember the rush of looking down and seeing the downside of the jump Mark
  8. RMark

    05 crf 250R Any Problems

    Sounds like someone has been spending too much time on Town Square and is a bit sensitive about Bush (as in President) bashing.... . My '05 has over a year on it, just oil changes and clean air filters. No problems so far, and for the first time in five years, thinking of keeping a bike for more than a year. Happy with this one and don't feel the need to update. I had an '04 kxf (basically similar to the '05 rmz). The Honda motor doesn't feel quite as strong on top, but the powerband is smoother and easier to ride with plenty there if you need it. The KXF suspension didn't make me happy, and could never get it right regardless of clicker settings. I'd buy the Honda for the suspension alone. But that '06 KXF has the Showas, so things may change...... Mark
  9. RMark

    06 crf250r or 06 kx250f

    Haven't heard the '06 Honda, but the '06 Kawi is loud. From trackside, it was louder than the '05 and '04 Hondas, all of which have various aftermarket pipes. Mark
  10. RMark

    06 crf250r or 06 kx250f

    I have a Honda and drive a Honda car, so get the Honda. It must be better. You should really try to get a ride on both. I know there are people with both at tracks already, so hopefully you can sneak a ride in. Rode with a friend last week that just got the '06 KXF to replace his '04 RMZ. He likes the KXF but rode the RMZ faster. The '06 was very lean, bogging and popping at lower rpm's and nobody had jets with them to adjust it. It did haul on top end, though and the suspension looked good. Once he has it jetted, I'm going to give it a try. It sure did look nice and just needs some dialing in. Haven't seen the new Honda at a track yet, but hope to soon. I'm sticking with my '05 but love to check out the new machinery. If quiet rumors about dyno testing mean anything, the Kawi motor for '06 will be the motor to have if you've got the wrist for it. Mark
  11. RMark

    2005 Crf250r Vs. 2004 Crf2005r

    A local Honda shop is BLOWING new '04's out. At what price, given the differences, would an '04 make sense? I've got friends weighing the differences, and it's a tough decision. My '05 suspension definitely felt better to me than the '04, but valving is much cheaper than the spread on price locally, and the motors are close enough to not be a deal breaker from a performance standpoint. Don't know how many have had their cylinders fail on the '04's, though, so that'd be a concern. Mark
  12. RMark

    How did you get your 06 so soon?

    When I got my '05 (well before most people locally), it was a shop that had higher volume #s so they were part of some Honda Riders program to get bikes sooner. Some local shops got 'em a month later. I thought they were bs'ing me when they said they had it, but they did. So.....call around at the high volume shops. They get better allocations. Good luck finding the ride, and let us know how it goes. I'm trying desperately to keep my '05 for another year, but we'll see how the reviews go..... Mark
  13. RMark

    chain to loose or to tight??

    30mm per the sticky on the swingarm
  14. RMark

    neck roll

    I use the PCS, and have personally tested it An emt saw me going over the bars, head over heels and saw my head hit the ground first; helmet hit the PCS and chest protector and over I went. Ironically, my helmet hit the collar so hard it forced my chest protector into my ribs and broke 2. The emt was convinced I'd have messed up my neck without the brace on...I was a serious dirt dart. Given the choice....broken ribs or neck...no contest. Would never ride without it. Mark
  15. RMark

    what's a good tire for socal tracks

    I've used 739's, and they were kinda scary on the softer stuff. Just changed the stock 756/742 combo today with two 756's. Riding LACR tomorrow, which has been looser than usual lately, so we'll see how it hooks up. Guessing the 756's might be sketchy at Elsi or the like, but I won't ride there anymore Mark