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    Motorcycles have been my passion since 1978. I enjoy helping riders of all ages and abilities no matter what type of riding they enjoy. Please feel free to ask any question about nutrition, hydration, strength, endurance, flexibility or sports psychology relevant to riding! I look forward to answering all of your questions.

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  1. The key is to leverage the Glycogen Synthase Enzyme that is most active the first 10-20 minutes post exercise. The muscles are clamoring for sugar to replenish depleted levels. I learned this the hard way while at the Olympic Training Center. I didn't want to touch simple sugars post exercise until a Danish cycling coach taught me otherwise. As soon as I introduced simple sugars (and liquid aminos) immediately after exercise, my level of recovery sky rocketed. I have never looked back and want others to enjoy enhanced recovery as well. -Coach Robb
  2. Watch this short video and learn why you cramp and what you can do to keep them from coming back! Top 3 Reasons Why Cramping Happens
  3. If your muscles are not "sliding and gliding" you may experience cramping, reduced speed and endurance along with feeling "hot" from within. This video explains what is causing it along with what you can do to alleviate these symptoms.
  4. Coach Robb

    Increasing Grip size for Elbow Tendinitis???

    Great question! The key is to listen to the pain and look into the source of your pain. If you try to push through the pain, you run the risk of creating scare tissue if you tear tissue. Think about any other muscle group - you need to keep them flexible, strong and properly hydrated. Add proper body position (with optimized biomechanics) and you will reduce your arm pump for sure (I have dealt with this issue with my clients for 30+ years). Please keep me posted. -Coach Robb
  5. Coach Robb

    Increasing Grip size for Elbow Tendinitis???

    Thanks for posting this issue! Keep in mind what you are dealing with when it comes to tendinitis of any type - inflammation of the tendon. Couple of things to think about: 1. What is causing the inflammation? Is it over use, lack of strength/endurance, are the muscles tight and pulling on the attachments? 2. What is the solution for inflammation? Remove the tension out of the tissue, improve strength/flexiblity in the tissue, increase blood flow. Below is a device that I have had tremendous success with when it comes to relaxing the muscles of the forearm - The Roll Recovery, it works really good (and hurts really bad - LOL). Before you head out to ride, give this device a try. If your tendinitis is keeping you off the bike address it aggresively: 1. Roll recovery to reduce tension. 2. Hot/cold contrast therapy (10 minutes of each as many times as you can logistically get in) 3. Avoid ibuprofen - this only masks the pain. If you tear the tissue or aggravate it more, you are only prolonging your recovery. Give these concepts a shot and let me know how it works out for you. We want you back out on the bike ASAP. Yours in sport and health, -Coach Robb
  6. Coach Robb

    Finding the solution to arm pump

    In addition to all the comments posted here, I have found this device to be helpful for riders. Since very few people can afford to bring a massage therapist to the track, I have found this device to be beneficial to stimulate the tissue (like a massage) which opens up the tissue and allows it to be more pliable. Google for the best price and availability. Keep me posted on your results. Yours in sport and health, -Coach Robb
  7. Coach Robb

    Quads get very sore while riding

    So stoked that you are not letting MS keep you down! My only thought to add to this conversation is to evaluate both the functional range of motion as well as functional strength. In some instances, additional strength work may actually decrease functional strength because of the lack of flexibility. Think about it this way, if the muscles are tight, the muscles can't go through their normal range of motion - this creates internal friction (i.e. body heat) and enhanced fatigue (resulting in slower speeds and less endurance). If possible, go visit with a good physio to ensure that you have optimized range of motion on both sides of each joint: knees: quads-hamstrings; shoulders: chest-rhomboids; elbow: bicep-triceps; etc. This will remove the guess work and optimize the effort your (obviously) willing to put in. Please keep me posted on your progress and if you need/want some functional strength exercises, please don't hesitate to drop me an email. I would be happy to send you a few routines. Yours in sport and health, -Coach Robb
  8. Coach Robb

    All my delts are suddenly getting sore

    Thanks for posting! Sounds like you are developing trigger points in the soft tissue and connective tissue. When you get a chance, pick up a tennis or lacrosse ball and start working the tissue. Below is a playlist that I put together to help you walk from head to toe and address any tight muscles. Keep in mind that the tissue is all interrelated and if one muscle is tight it "pulls" on the next and then the next so you might be surprised where the actual source of the pain is coming from. In addition to working on the soft tissue, make sure that you are staying properly hydrated. Strive for half of your body weight in ounces of cold water spread out over an eight to ten hour day. When working out, keep a close eye on your sweat rate. You want to keep your sweat rate in the 1-2% range (no higher or lower). Chronic dehydration is a frequent source of muscle pain and spasm issues. Give these thoughts a try and let me know how your body responds. Yours in sport and health, -Coach Robb Coach Robb's Soft Tissue and Flexibility Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2473977B40221592
  9. During the first half of this podcast, Coach Robb explains why he wants you to embrace the joys of the holiday season with friends, family and colleagues. Many people dread the holidays because they fear gaining those unwanted pounds and feeling guilty for indulging. By following Coach Robb’s four simple steps you will minimize weight gain, avoid feeling horrible, and prepare yourself for multiple days of holiday festivities. During the second half of the podcast, Coach Robb explains the top seven things that contribute to injuries. As Coach Robb explains, when it comes to improving your health, wellness and ultimately performance, the only two things that will impede your daily improvement is an injury and/or an illness. By implementing these seven habits into your normal routine, you will keep from getting injured as well as improve your strength, speed and endurance. As always, grab a piece of paper and jot down some notes that you can transfer over to post it notes as daily reminders. Listeners questions include: Why is my sex drive higher in the morning?; Why has my motivation and performance results plummeted?; What should I study to do what Coach Robb does for my profession?; What is Coach Robb’s biggest frustration as a performance coach?; What is the catapult effect?; and What separates Coach Robb from other coaches?
  10. Coach Robb

    Best spin bikes?

    I completely agree. I like to have a mountain bike to both warm up on the trainer with along with using it as a "pit bike". This also gets you outside on the trails working on balance and eye hand coordination (two key components of going fast). One thing to think about, when you use your own bike set up on the trainer (MTB or Road Bike) is that the bike fit (which every one should have done) will keep you from becoming hurt associated with bad biomechanics (typical challenge of a stationary type bike). Bike - trainer - heart rate monitor and you have the ideal warm up tools. -Coach Robb
  11. Thanks for the comment - please visit CoachRobbPodcast.com or DMXSRadio.com. Let me know if you can't access the files. -Coach Robb
  12. Are you struggling with fatigue, can’t lose those last 10 pounds, not sleeping at night, have poor concentration, experiencing body aches…. (just to mention a few)? Have you sought professional help only to be made to feel like you are losing your mind and it is all in your head? Listen to my latest pod cast, you just might find some answers!
  13. Coach Robb Podcast - #26 - The Difference Between Epstein Barr, Adrenal Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Are you struggling with fatigue, can’t lose those last 10 pounds, not sleeping at night, have poor concentration, experiencing body aches…. (just to mention a few)? Have you sought professional help only to be made to feel like you are losing your mind and it is all in your head? Well the truth is there is a process associated with fatigue and during this podcast Coach Robb walks you through the symptoms, causes and a few ideas on how to turn your miserable conditions around. Over the last 34 years, Coach Robb has received thousands of emails from individuals all around the world who struggle with fatigue – both mentally and physically. In this podcast Coach Robb walks through a concept he refers to as the “Flow Pattern of Fatigue”. He explains how fatigue can manifest itself in the way of a virus, then overload your adrenal system and eventually result in a condition commonly referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as well as discuss the pivotal differences between this condition, adrenal fatigue and Epstein Barr. After listening to this podcast, you will have a better understanding of where your symptoms originated, why your body is struggling and three specific steps to begin turning your symptoms around. http://www.coachrobbpodcast.com
  14. Coach Robb

    Landed on tailbone

    Sorry to hear about the landing - painful to say the least. If you broke your butt bone where you described, there isn't much you can do but stay off of it (which is VERY difficult) to let it heal. You can sit in a cold bath for 10 minutes then a hot bath - this contrast therapy will help heal you up quickly. Strive to stay away from pain meds except when you go to bed. You need to be aware of the "true" pain levels so that you don't do additional damage. Take the pain meds at night will help you sleep good and facilitate recovery. Please drop a note here on TT regarding the what the doctor had to say. -Coach Robb
  15. Coach Robb

    Best spin bikes?

    Definitely look for some used bikes. You can pick up a mac daddy bike for a really good price. Go to your local bike shop where they sell high end bikes, they usually take in bikes that are in great shape but someone wants the latest color or gadget. The bike shop can make sure that the bike fits your correctly. I have had clients pick up $5000 bike for less than $1000 (not that you have to go this price point). Please keep me posted. -Coach Robb