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  1. yellow_busa

    Zac speed chest protector and backpack combo

    That will be a great addition to an already excellent product
  2. yellow_busa

    Zac speed chest protector and backpack combo

    I really like mine also. It is very comfortable and stays in position. It is also reasonably cool on a hot day. My only wish is that it had real shoulder protection. It does protect your collar bone but not the shoulder it self.
  3. yellow_busa

    150 XCW street legal = crazy or awesome?

    We just installed a Sicass Racing street kit on my sons 2015 KTM 200 XCW and it was a pretty straight forward install. I also have one on my 13 KTM 450 XCW but it is mostly for us to use connecting roads to get between trails when we are riding instead of have to load them in the truck every time to move.
  4. yellow_busa

    2015 200 XCW Head Mod

    This one has already been reshaped by Jbone so I don't want to send that one off. I may see if I can find a stocker on ebay and send that one to RK to mod. That is correct. Jbone is out of the business completely.
  5. yellow_busa

    2015 200 XCW Head Mod

    Stock PSI is 165. With a head mod what ball park PSI do you need to start thinking about going higher than 91 Octane. I see some of these heads over 200PSI and some say they run fine on 91. Our head was 185PSI after Jbone did a head mod and 1.25mm squish. Thinking of lowering it to 1.1mm but don't want to use race gas.
  6. yellow_busa

    Grip reccomendations

    Big fan of the ODI rogue grips
  7. Can you use Wiseco rings on a Vertex 2 stroke piston? The reason I am asking is it seems that the Wiseco rings run a little tighter ring end gap compared to the Vertex.
  8. yellow_busa

    cutting the piston Down

    I didn't know there was enough meat to bore out a KTM 200 and isn't stock 64mm?
  9. yellow_busa

    Legend Performance Oils

    They cut me a break and are shipping just 2 gallons to start with. He seemed very knowledgeable and willing to help. He also swears that it will make my weed wacker and chainsaw run like never before. LOL
  10. yellow_busa

    Legend Performance Oils

    I know they are here in Michigan with me but didn't really want to order 4 gallons just to try it and I cant get anyone to answer the phone there.
  11. yellow_busa

    Legend Performance Oils

    Has anyone had any experience with this company and their oils for 2 stroke applications?
  12. Really happy with the Seat Concepts that I bought a few years ago.
  13. yellow_busa

    map switch questions

    We also have one on my sons 2015 200 XCW and he says it is definitely noticeable switching between the 2 positions. He likes to ride it with the aggressive map with all the sand we have around here.
  14. yellow_busa


    Could also be a frayed cable catching on the inside of the sheath.
  15. yellow_busa

    2015 200 XCW Plastic

    Thanks for the info. The Polisport are reasonably priced at Rocky Mountain. The attack graphics have gotten pretty poor reviews. Any companies that you would recommend for graphics that are durable and will stay on the bike?