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  1. Just FYI you can buy the graphics templates online and use something like illustrator or a cheap version like whatever I bought for my Mac and design your own. It's not that difficult.
  2. I only know of admotours.com.com but a quick google search shows a few companies. Sorry not much help even though I live in Las Vegas.
  3. Trails. Not nearly as nice around here as some of your guys pics.
  4. These things were a PITA to true after plowing into rocks and changing flats, so I finally broke down and paid someone to do it. Now if I just put the those, the chain, and some brake lines back on I can ride. Also, a heads up to any would be purchasers of TCR hubs: these things are light and well made but the tolerances…i.e. where the spoke holes are on the hub, are not on par with a company like Tallon. Not huge differences by any means, but it made it so the spokes didn't line up perfectly on one side and some of the spokes needed to be trimmed. Cant really complain too much because the price was right, but was expecting higher quality.
  5. Appreciate the replies. I can't use a spoke torque wrench because I have stupid Excel nipples and I don't have the end specifically for that. I did loosen everything up and retry a few times. I'll try again before taking it to someone.
  6. Make doesn't really matter but it's a Yamaha 450. I'm having one hell of a time getting these things trued up. By the time I adjust for runout some of the spokes are too tight to go around and tighten all spokes evenly. I'm starting at the valve stem and tightening every 3rd spoke 1/4 turn. The problem is that one the second pass some of the spokes are already tight. Any suggestions? I'm about to throw something through the wall...
  7. Anyone have any video of the mesquite vet track? I searched on YouTube but I couldn't find anything on the vet track just the main. I've never hit the track and riding in the desert it's rare that both wheels are off the ground at the same time so I'm feeling like that's something I need to do. Also if anyone is Interested in rolling out on a weekend (working stiff -no weekday riding for me) and is as equally air challenged as I am, let me know.
  8. Appreciate the explanation makes sense. Dudes obv a better rider than I'll ever be, I just didn't get the purpose.
  9. I was having a conversation with a supercross rider we support and he was talking about lowering his subframe. I thought shaving the seat or lowering the subrame was just for short people. I'm told that it affects the handling characteristics. Can anyone elaborate? The year, model doesn't really matter as this is a general question but the bike is a '15 YZ250F
  10. I have the Cyra full armor skid plate and ride nothing but desert. If you're just riding up in Apple Valley or wherever and are looking to protect from flying rocks, it's perfect. Call me crazy but after an hr+ ride the aluminum skid plates noise from rocks gets annoying. If you were going to be crossing logs, or riding enduro X you might want to stay away from plastic, but it doesnt sound like it.
  11. I think it's easier pull if you use the gold springs with the torq drive. I used the red springs and the pull is the same possibly a little harder than stock.
  12. I had to take out a lot of the free play in the clutch below spec. I'm assuming once it's worn in ill need to adjust a bit. Edit - so I don't have to make another post without a pic: rode for a little over an hour today with the red springs. It seem a little stiffer than stock, but was exactly what I was looking for. It seems much more positive disengaging and has an initial "bite" than the stock setup. Other than that there's zero difference.
  13. First, I'm just some lowly desert rider but my complaint with the stock clutch is after a while in the slow stuff where I'm clutching constantly the stock clutch DOESNT have a very firm, or positive disengagement. I don't know if this will fix it or not but I got the clutch for next to nothing so I figured I would give it a try. Rekluse hooked me up because one of the guys we sponsor is also sponsored by them.
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