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  1. This is absolutely the way to go I have an 04 Cr 125 and it took a long time to get it running good with the stock carb so I finally took the advice of many on this site and got the pwk from JD jetting and it was night and day how much better it runs!!!
  2. I hear ya I’m planning on running the new and saving the original! I like your number [emoji106]
  3. Man I hope my 04 looks that nice when I get done fixing it up!! Your bike makes me think naughty thoughts [emoji12][emoji1303][emoji1377][emoji1364]
  4. I lean towards the old but I kinda like the back half of the new and the front half of the old. I am not tech savvy enough to photoshop it and merge together [emoji848]
  5. Once I changed the carb to the air Stryker and had eric Gorr do a head mod w a different piston it runs sooooooo much better it took a bit of a struggle to get to that but I love it now tons of fun. And I have a yz 125 as well they r both awesome. Yup I’m thinking the original plastics just look good!
  6. Hi all well here is my garage queen! 2004 CR 125. It still has the stock tires on her found it in a guys heated basement up here in the Midwest several years ago! I have several bikes and three boys this bike has had very little action because it took me forever messing with it to get it to run right which it does now and because I don’t want my kids to ride it cuz it’s in such great shape! So basically I ride it on occasion cuz I’m old and slow! Anyways my kids got me the updated plastics for XMAS and I just got around to putting them on and I can’t decide if I like the new or the old?? I know who really cares but I thought I’d ask. I am actually leaning to the original but maybe that’s because I’m old and slow??!
  7. These were still sitting on E Bay so I snapped em up. I have been busy with work and haven’t gotten to put anything on the bike yet. I originally had a budget I was going to try and stay under with parts etc but circumstances beyond my control have caused me to reconfigure said budget! Haaaaaa. Hopefully get to start putting additions on still waiting for a few things. Thanks again everyone for all the help. This site has been an awesome resource!
  8. Ok quick question what is best bang for the buck I was going to do the reroute of the front break line but was wondering if just getting the oversized front break rotor kit accomplishes basically the same thing?
  9. Been traveling for work lately tried to call Pro Taper to verify these will work going to call again this week. On a positive note got some parts in and found some brand new bars I forgot I had from a previous bike purchase!!! Got a flywheel weight and some case covers in looking for a few more things then start putting together!
  10. I’m 5’10” haven’t ridden this bike yet but hopefully seat height not an issue? So the Steel YZs sits higher that the Aluminum framed newer models? Didn’t realize that
  11. Wow those bikes are so nice!!! After some negotiation picked it this one up for 2k. Going to fix it up best I can don’t know if I will get it as nice as these bikes they are just awesome! I have ordered up some parts and deciding on what to do with some things. Keep posting pics of those Steel YZs. Lookin great!
  12. Thanks Indiana the more I research the more good things I hear about this bike. I’m excited to get it buttoned up and ride it! Plan to have this one for a while so going to do it up nice!
  13. Yeah it is a lot better than I had expected it’s at a friends shop and we’re checking seals etc gonna make sure all is good and I like the blackout idea! Also like the new plastics look so going to go w you on that as well. Now I go shopping for some parts for it! Woohoo
  14. So I have been wanting a 250 two stroke yz for a while and have had great luck finding nice clean 125s in the past but the last two years it’s gotten a lot tougher to find those hidden gems on CL. Started out wanting a 06 or newer but found this 04 and originally was a bit scared as the seller didn’t really clean it at all so it looked like the pipe was dented and it was a lot more worn in the pictures he posted. When I saw it in person it didn’t look as bad as I originally thought so I got it and this is my new project! I cleaned it a little and am deciding what all to do to clean it up a bit? Obviously I will start with cleaning it top to bottom, Bars are bent and so is the break pedal and a foot peg so those are for sure. I think I’m going to order clutch cover can’t decide on black or magnesium color? Thoughts? Also going to try to paint the frame make it look nicer. Any ideas or thoughts are welcome! Thanks in advance! Bent Stud
  15. I ran the T2 this year in all our bikes Two 85s and Two 125 didn’t re jet at all and loved it! Runs great and no fouled plugs at all! I will admit that it doesn’t smell as good as the klotz I was mixing with before but that’s the only drawback!
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