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  1. DevilDogg21

    2001 cr125 seized or kick starter jammed? HELP please

    And the headache continues. The bike wont shift correctly. It cant even find neutral. With the clutch pulled in and rotating the rear tire, the crank is still spinning. So even if i did just put it all back together and start it, it would start and take off like a bat out of hell. I dont want to take it to a mechanic because I think I've already done most of the work, I want to learn and I simply cannot afford it. But as of now im kind of at a stopping point I dont know what else to do. Any suggestions?
  2. DevilDogg21

    2001 cr125 seized or kick starter jammed? HELP please

    Turns out that it was the thrust washer on the crankshaft. Thats the only thing i noticed that was not right. Putting this back together is a lot harder than taking it apart lol I used the manual to make sure everything was in its place. Transmission was the most confusing and I think I messed up the gearshift drum. It sat in the way i thought it should. Everything rotated smoothly but while putting it back together today it defintely was not shifting how it should have been so i didnt even put oil in it yet. Ill probalby have to take it all back apart. Also the powervalve wont reach the link and the by the powervalve on the cylinder doesnt match up flush with the crankcase. To be honest I dont know if ill ever get this bike back together. Guess I should have just taken it to someone who has experience.
  3. DevilDogg21

    2001 cr125 seized or kick starter jammed? HELP please

    Just an update to anyone whos interested. Enging is off the frame. Swing arm bolt was stuck for a few days but I just kept soaking it with PB blaster. Today I removed the flywheel, stator, clutch plates and top end. There is a huge piece in the bottom end wedged between the crank and case trying to get up to the top. Its like a sheet of copper and I mean this thing is a huge piece. Waiting on the clutch hub holder and 27mm socket to come in the mail so I can split the cases and get this sob out of there. When I get a chance I'll post some pictures of the process and of this coppor/bronze looking piece when I get it out. KCCO!
  4. DevilDogg21

    2001 cr125 seized or kick starter jammed? HELP please

    Crank will not move at all. I just ordered the tools I need to open up the bottom end so ill have to wait about a week until I can take a look down there. Another quick stupid question.. like I said this is my first 2 stroke. Is the transmission oil same as the gear oil? From what I understand I just need two oils. One I mix with the gas and the gear oil goes in on the clutch side. This is a learning experience for me
  5. Okay so I picked up a non running 01 cr125 for $800. The seller said it just needed a top end. So I replaced the top end and cylinder head, new spark plug, cleaned the carb and air filter, all new fluids. After a few kicks it started up and ran for about 5 minutes then died. Now the kick start lever wont move at all. I tried to push start it and i didnt get any rotation on the rear wheel. Any ideas? I have a feeling its the bottom end and not the kick starter but this is my first 2 stroke so I'm still learning. Any help is greatly appreciated! I took everything back apart. Inspected the piston and head. It still looked brand new as it had only ran for 5 minutes. Thanks in advance for any advice/tips!
  6. DevilDogg21

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM (2006)


    3x3, JD Jets, MRD/Z-Pro, Carbon Fiber Seat, Custom Mirrors, TT Case Savers, Twin Air Filter.
  7. DevilDogg21

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM 2006

    3x3, JD Jets, MRD/Z-Pro, Carbon Fiber Seat, Custom Mirrors, TT Case Savers, Twin Air Filter.
  8. DevilDogg21

    DRZ400SM off-road conversion

    I'm in Orange County just west of Newburgh. I could probably stick with the stock gearing but I'd like to get more low end power when riding dirt (and for wheelies) and more high end when on the street so I can comfortably cruise at 75 without having the RPMs too high. New rotors would help cut down time when switching them but I think its something I don't really need. I'm in the Marine Corps so you could say I'm on a budget. Just trying to find the cheapest way to do this... which would probably be to not do it and just stick to the dry dirt when riding trails. I guess you could just say, I've saved money for my bike and I'm looking for the next best thing to do for it. There's a few little things I'm buying this weekend like a shorty clutch lever, new air filter (I've got the stock and its time for something new but I'm torn between a twin filter and a K&N filter), smaller mirrors because the stock ones are too big and "clunky" looking, a supermoto fender and a new headlight would make the bike look better too. As far as performance, I know an fcr should be next but thats a big chunk of change for me. I'm thinking the TT case covers might be a good idea... what do you guys think? Also, my bike is straight black, not a single sticker or decal and I'm ready for some color.
  9. DevilDogg21

    DRZ400SM off-road conversion

    I'm looking for some help making my SM off-road capable. I'd like to get everything I need to make it a quick swap. Any input or suggestions would be great! I don't even know where to start. I purchased my drz a couple years ago and rode mostly street since it I didn't have off-road tires and where I lived in Illinois there wasn't many places to take it off-road. Now I live in New York and the off-roading possibilities are endless! This past weekend I couldn't resist the temptation to take it down some trails. The sm tires weren't having any of that. Also any suggestions on mods would be awesome. Thanks in advance. 3x3, JD jets, MRD/z-Pro