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  1. Anti-seize will throw off torque readings. Using it on anything non-structural can never hurt.
  2. I would try and complete the challenge but the bikes are already packed away for winter! (Outside the dealership where i work)
  3. Aftermarkets are likely to cost you a lot of money, but its up to you OE is usually manufactured with better materials but i dont know about actual strength or thickness compared to aftermarket covers.
  4. WHAT? Not a lubricating fluid? Its trans fluid meant to lubricate gears, its all i use in my 2-stroke bikes. Yes OP it will be fine infact it will reduce clutch wear slightly.
  5. The procharger A-1 is plenty small enough.
  6. if you mean a CVT transmission il pass i like banging down gears, it's one of my favorite things about dirtbiking and riding in general.
  7. Yamaha already has a line of high performance DI two stroke outboards
  8. na it was for sure the post i wanted to quote lol
  9. my little DS80 has a similar pump system, Crank and intake injection.
  10. After a rebuild i run my bike on the bench at a slightly high idle for 15 minutes ten let it have full cooldown then repeat 3 more times and its ready to go.
  11. Cant say i would buy a product like this for $2000 you would be hard pressed to make me spend that on a bike let alone a bolt on kit for a bike i would never own (a new bike) fact is there is a bolt on EFI kit out there already for alot less so unless you plan on bring alot to the table for a wide timeline of bikes im not interested. If you design a whole new bike or even just an engine then you will drum up alot more interest from me.
  12. If he is talking about a bolt on EFI kit then its already been done Ecotron has a universal kit for $700
  13. you have it all wrong the pipe is shaped the way its is to time pressure waves not assist in airflow.
  14. Well here is somthing a little different for your brain to chew on, my 78' DS-80 (detuned 77' RM80 engine port timing and compression changes diffrent exhaust blah, blah) has case reed induction and pistion porting Suzuki called it Power Reed Intake System the pistion port inlet duration was very short when compared to bikes of the same displacement with only piston porting, this means that it gave the bike good throttle response and low end. At high RPM the reeds stay open longer than the pistion inlet port does and this allows a larger charge into the crank case helping with top end where the pistion port would have lacked. The design is able to make as much power as a reed induction engine of the same displacement with a much stronger mid range and smoother delivery but the top end falls somewhat short of a reed induction design, but not to a massive deficit.
  15. * as words flying from his ass as he speaks!*
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