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  1. I know this is a little late but since no one else chimed in, I thought I would. But the answer is no. In fact I was just reading through the OEM service manual and their way to rebuild the shock is to replace it. That being said, you can get the individual parts for the inside and any good suspension shop can do it for you. I usually tell my customers to buy a new shock. The hard part is finding spec for the shock but since Kawi considers it a throw away shock, they don't have it. Thats why I'm here. I would hoep though that you got the answer to this question a long, long time ago. I just wanted hear myself talk
  2. Hey thanks for taking those for me. I see you have the LED setup as mine did but all of the parts and wires were loose and I had to figure where to put them. Do any of the wires or headlight itself hit the CDI? That was my main issue. I'll take a pic or two of what I have now and show you the difference. And I also have a single LED bulb setup thats actually brighter than the BD setup. Lots of trial and error, not to mention countless wire connectors (and wire of course)
    Had a 2016 KX450, which I loved. So much so that I bought this 17. Not a ton of difference but its fresh. Only major changes I made it that its not completely street legal, but with the ability to be in full moto trim in about 10 minutes.
  3. I guess what I am interested in is this; are all of the components (horn, flasher unit, wiring harness) all mounted in the headlight shell? When you look at BD website they show it all mounted there on their original headlight shell, with an aluminum case built in. And by original, I mean its the one that looks like an 83 XR500 light, not the MMX shell. But when I bought mine, even with that shell, it was all loose, no aluminum case, not mounted. I can't remember the reason why they sent it that way but it has been a pain since. But if by chance you have any pics of the backside of your headlight, could you post them?
  4. What seals did you use?
  5. Where did you price the tire? I know it can be a bit more on east coast pricing due to shipping but the dealers do have a map policy in place that gives them a bit of flexibilty. May check with Rocky Mt and see if what their price is. I'm not sure if they buy those or not Update; wow, they are pricey aren't they? Had no idea. Guess it helps to know certain people. Still a very good tire.
  6. Goldentyre 723 front and rear. Works well on both dirt and trail but it is made to wear better so it gives a a tad of traction for longevity
  7. Nice. What headlight is that? It looks like you reinforced it on te sides. I did on mine. I'm curious how the wiring harness fits there with your CDI
  8. GoldenTyres
  9. You definitely can build your own. The power comes from the capacitor plus I know someone that tapped into the diagnostic plug near the front. But the capacitor setup is best and Baja Designs sells a wiring harness for about $30 that does the connecting for you
  10. Slammer, what state are you in? And would you care to share pics of it? I installed the BD on my 17 and then spent the next 4 months redoing it over and over again. I finally made one from scratch, routing the wires where I wanted them to go. And I used Deuscth connectors where possible so the headlight with horn and flasher unit, all come off with one plug. I did buy a Tusk wiring harness that I used as the template if you would to help things out. My whole issue revolved around the light and CDI box fighting for the same space Heres a small pic of mine
  11. Hey, I just converted my 17 KX450 and its a hoot. DO IT. DO IT NOW.
  12. This is the 1st post-2009 KYB fork I've seen do this. 2006-2009 was very common problem. Not much more I can ad to this except that Zeta makes an ICS piston that is much cheaper the the SDI/Race Tech version. In fact they make 2 different versions, one called soft the other firm. The only difference is the size of the holes. And if you want to replace the OE piston with another OE piston, SDI sells them as well. But why would you? Also, when you put the new aluminum pistons in there, you will need to raise the oil level because the air chamber volume has now been increased. As mentioned before, they are a 3 chamber design so when you negate the 3rd one, it needs to be compensated with more oil I always wondered about the 2010 and up pistons. On some bikes its a completely different design but on the YZ250 and a couple of others, it looks exactly the same as the 06-09 version and yet this is the first failure I've seen. And while you are in there, inspect the cartridge itself, to make sure it hasn't unscrewed itself. A very common problem with WP forks, very rare on the KYBs (I've seen 2 ever) but it doesn't hurt to check it out
  13. Here's a couple of pics of my little project. Since I can't seem to find enough time to train and ride for moto, I decided I can't let it just sit in the garage and collect dust like my bikes have for the last couple of years. Took quite a while to modify the wiring to my liking. 17 KX450F courtesy of Power Kawasaki Suspension valved and lowered 2” by Pro Motion Suspension SFF Spring Conversion Kit by Race Tech .96 front spring, 5.7 rear MX-Tech/Enzo Shock Compression Adjuster XTrig Preload Adjuster DID X-Ring Chain ReKluse RadiusX Auto Clutch FMF Factory RCT 4.1 muffler Twin Air Power Filter Polisport Plastic Kit with Enduro Fender and MMX Headlight Shell Custom Graphics by DeCal Works (thanks Sean) Factory Effex hub/wheel set 21”/18” Tires by Goldentyre West GT333 front, GT 723 rear. Both DOT approved Zeta Hand Guards w/turn signals Baja Designs Dual Sport Kit with LED upgrade Tusk Dual Sport Wiring harness mated with BD kit Trail Tech Voyager GPS/Speedo Acerbis 3.2 gal Fuel Tank Special thanks to my wife who had to endure my spending many late nights in the garage. I tried to be quiet but sometimes tools bouncing off the wall makes a little noise. And more special thanks to Bent Lever Motorsports. For many reasons. Good people there