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  1. Damienmac

    Best kept motocross steering secret!

    Very interesting, thanks for the link. Maybe I do push down on the inside bar if it is the only way to turn. What I think do different to what he has taught here is weighting the front end through the handlebars: It's hard to know unless you have this stuff in mind when you're at the track, but I think I put weight through the handlebars. One for me to try and correct.
  2. Damienmac

    Best kept motocross steering secret!

    How about that for a clickbait thread title! Although to be fair, I've never heard of this technique so maybe it is the "Best kept motocross steering secret". I think I typically try to put alot of weight on the front end through the bars, contrary to what you're advising in this video. I always thought this was good technique mid corner for getting the front tire to grip? Will definitely try this next time I get on the bike and see what difference it makes for me. Any of your technique tips I've tried so far have helped so I'm sure it's the right way to go. Thanks Gary.
  3. Damienmac

    Acceleration Bumps - Upshifting

    Maybe your left leg is losing contact with the frame of the bike when you take the foot off the peg? To be honest, I've never got the feeling that I'm losing grip on the bike when upshifting through bumps. I do consciously squeeze the bike with more pressure when going through a rough section. Maybe try and keep the leg 'squeeze' on the frame even when your foot is off the peg. I learned to shift by moving the whole foot between the footpeg and the shifter because of advice from various coaches/fast riders both online and at the track. Same with the back brake. I also spend time watching the faster riders at the track, especially at corners, and try to see if they are really doing what is taught by typical mx coaches. I found none of the faster guys are trying to control the brake or shifter with their toe.
  4. Damienmac

    2013 KX250f fires but won't start

    The throttle position sensor is on the left side and can get damaged in a fall. I had to replace mine, but if I remember right it caused poor running and an unsteady idle rather than non starting. I noticed a crack in the housing on it, presumably a stone hit it at some point. Once the housing cracked moisture got in and caused it to fail. Also, the Kawasaki manuals give a procedure to test almost every electrical component. If you have a multimeter (and the time!), you can rule out them out systematically. I don't think there is a water pressure sensor, just temp. How's the compression?
  5. Damienmac

    2013 KX250f fires but won't start

    You didn't mention checking for a strong spark, but you probably ruled that out at this point? As for sensors, these bikes have a tilt sensor AFAIK to cut out after some time on the ground. Maybe check that is oriented correct? https://www.manualslib.com/manual/797772/Kawasaki-Kx250f.html?page=175
  6. Damienmac

    Pop on decel (sometimes small flame) help!!!!!

    Check your crush washer where the header pipe meets the block. I've had this issue myself, although on an FI kawasaki. A leak at that joint can introduce enough air into the pipe to cause combustion of unburnt fuel. Edit: Sorry, you already changed it! Oops , I missed that!
  7. Damienmac

    Front or rear brake

    The advice in the Semics video was very helpful for me in getting my corner speed and control up (The one he posted here). I only got my head around this recently. The key for me was understanding the the bike is way more stable coming into the corner with the back end sliding out slightly. His video really goes into this, and it was something that needed to click for me. To me, the feeling is that I can countersteer out if the front wheel starts to wash, and stay stable. But I can only do that if the back wheel is already sliding out slightly. If the back wheel is not kicked out a little then pointing the front wheel out of the corner is literally steering the entire bike the wrong way. It was counter-intuitive for me at first, because it requires you to be aggressive on both brakes. As a slower rider I tended to coast all the way into the corner having braked earlier.
  8. Damienmac

    Mid air control

    I find the throttle can help straighten out the bike when that happens. Also, if it is stepping out like that without your input, you probably glanced off the side of a bump on the lip. Try and aim for the low spots between the bumps on the lip. I.E. stay in the ruts on the face. BTW far from an expert here! Just letting you know what helped me.
  9. Damienmac

    Popping on deceleration

    I have since got a new crush washer for the header pipe to cylinder joint. (Was hard to get one, only made oem) The popping on decel is now completely gone. Anybody still trying to remedy this should try a new crush washer. It's probably the cheapest part you could buy for your bike ,so worth a shot even if it doesn't work for you.
  10. Damienmac

    Popping on deceleration

    I have this issue with a 2012 model. Was able to minimise it by setting the TPS as per the manual. It is still there though. I read somewhere that it can be caused by a leak at the exhaust header pipe. This introduces enough air into the hot pipe to ignite the unburnt fuel in the exhaust. I'm not getting huge backfires, just popping. It gets worse if the bike is hot. I might get a new header crush washer and see if that helps. Damien.
  11. Damienmac

    Are these bikes just noisy?? New internals and still loud

    Hi, I have a 2012 kxf250. It has just had a full top end rebuild, SS valves new guides and even new seats. Both before and after the rebuild there is a constant valve train noise from the bike. Kind of a 'whirring' noise I would say. I'm actually glad that I found this thread because at least I know it's just a noisy bike by design Damien.
  12. Damienmac

    03 cr125 swingarm?!? Need help ASAP!

    Hi According to this thread you can use a crf250 04-09 swingarm. Read through the whole thread and see at the end the guy ends up putting a crf250x swing arm on his cr 250 with no problems. I would check part numbers to be sure. Thread: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/981046-crf-or-cr125-possibly-replace-my-2003-cr250-swingarm/ The reason i'm telling you this is that there's an 08 crf250 swingarm on ebay right now: http://www.ebay.ie/itm/08-CRF250R-CRF250-CRF-250-LE-swingarm-swing-arm-122-/190975856997?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2c770c5165 Just out of interest how badly damaged was the swingarm? Any pics? I bought a used rm 125 with some chain rub on the swingarm where the slider wore out but its pretty minor and i'm not worried about it.