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  1. discobob

    Tire Grooving Tips?

    I disagree, maybe the tracks are built different in Australia but on some tracks it makes a huge difference. Some tracks dont require anything but on others half the tyre looks like a wet. Depending on the groover you can bend the blades so they are angled on one side and straight on the other , giving some bite.
  2. discobob

    Supermoto Question Help!

    Honda standard hubs are the only ones to use a 32 spoke. Talon / HAAN and other after market hubs use 36 spoke. If you by 36 spoke rims F & R and spoke kits it will lace up fine. A 5" is a better rim size as it gives increased tyre selection but is a pain to take in and out. A 4.25 is easier to take in and out but tyre choice may be a little more limited. Good luck
  3. discobob

    Michelle DiSalvo takes Womens' SM Championship

    www.motoevo.com has all the latest news on SM in Aus as well.
  4. discobob

    Some cool supermoto vids

    Heres another one http://www.motoevo.com/inCMS_ME_public/Modules/Public/Content.aspx?ID=46&pu_id=151
  5. discobob

    Screeching From Clutch

    Hi I and several others had the exact same problem when racing SM and I dont mind saying it was a worry. It turns out that it needed a little more oil about 50 ml more than recommended. Once the extra oil was added we have never had it happen again. There are a few ideas but the full throttle, high reving and constant lean angles may have something to do with it.
  6. discobob

    Why Talon Hubs vs Yamaha motard kit hubs

    You got in one , see you Saturday Ben
  7. discobob

    Why Talon Hubs vs Yamaha motard kit hubs

    Aus WR450, There is a practice day on at Oran park again this Saturday 3rd Sept. we will be out there under a red quick shade with Yoshimura Honda's, if you come and find us I will happly help and explan any questions. Cheers Ben O'Brien
  8. There are some 12mm off set clamps I found in Europe but I have seen some adjustable ones that go from 8 to 14mm as well , unsure who or where they come from. The link in europe is http://www.rs-racing.de/onlineshop.htm It is all in German but pretty easy to work out
  9. The 14mm off set are awesome for Supermoto, I bought these and if I could I would go even a little less again around 10-12mm. The clamps help get rid of chatter by increasing trail. After suspension this would be first on my list.
  10. Hi, Im setting up my 05" 450exc for supermoto racing, I have been waiting for parts from KTM , now the SXS cam and Hi-comp piston have finally arrived but the engine workshop manual was a no show. I have stripped most of it down but am unsure if the cam chain needs to be removed or if the piston can be swapped leaving it in place. I also need to know what to line up to set the cam timing. Any help would be great, or if anyone has the several pages relating to this I would be greatfull for your help. PS the racing starts next weekend so Ive only got 5 days to finish it. Cheers Ben