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  1. So today my 09 KLX250 was sitting in the driveway after I got home from work, when I went back outside the bike is lying on the ground, and as I pick it back up I can see the kickstand completely failed. Basically the weld on the kickstand to the frame just broke off, it seems like a major flaw that Kawasaki thought putting the entire weight of the bike on a weld that was connected to a SUPER THIN circular steel frame part. No idea what they were thinking here. I went online and found other people have had the exact same problem, and really there has been no fix/resolution. Here is a picture of someones after they had a temporary fix on the weld. (Not mine), but mine broke in EXACTLY the same place. I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of / had this problem, and what I can do about it. My bike was bought brand new in 2008 so I am out of warranty, am I completely out of luck?
  2. FreeStyleMx

    Duals or Single

    There are different benefits from each system. The single pipe is lighter, which translates to increased power (Although most of us couldn't tell the difference) The Duals have equal weight distribution which may contribute to better handling/overall balance. (This also is probably another unnoticeable difference for more of us riders anyway) Honestly all I think it comes down to is cost, repair cost and personal preference. Singles are cheaper to buy in the first place, cheaper to replace when you crash, and I like the look better. Which is why I recommend a single over duals.
  3. FreeStyleMx

    Duals or Single

    Single, They went back to it on the 10's for a reason
  4. FreeStyleMx

    Need a New Oil, Maxima is breaking my bank

    Thanks for the answer, any other responses?
  5. Alright, So I got my 08 awhile ago and the owner had said he used Maxima 530MX Full Synthetic Ester formula for both tranny/engine oil. I had heard before its not good to change oils being run in the bike, but at $16.99 a bottle, and needing two bottles per oil change I can't afford it anymore. Is there a more reasonably priced Full Synthetic Easter Based Oil I can use in both tranny/engine that won't burn a hole in my wallet? And yes, I've used the search button and read other the numerous other oil threads but I'd like to get one up to date and specific to my case. Any insight/suggestions/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, -Ryan
  6. FreeStyleMx

    Older Year Graphics on 08 CRF250?

    Alot of the graphics I liked were for like 06-07s so I wanted to be sure they'd fit.
  7. FreeStyleMx

    Just picked her up last Saturday!

    Yeah, my house is on the left, and the our shop is on the right. Its nice to have such an open place to ride at home
  8. FreeStyleMx

    Just picked her up last Saturday!

    Yeah, I took lots of my red anodized parts off my 05 before I sold it. Everything fit perfectly back on the 08. Now it looks a bit more trick Can't wait for Sunday...
  9. FreeStyleMx

    Older Year Graphics on 08 CRF250?

    Ok thanks alot for the fast answer. Ordering these today.
  10. FreeStyleMx

    Older Year Graphics on 08 CRF250?

    I'm sure this has been answered many times, but my search came up empty. Will older year graphics, (05-07) fit on my 2008 plastics? I already have Front number plate, and side number panels done. I need to know about the: -Front fender -Fork guards -Radiator Shrouds -Seat -Swingarm -Rear Fender -Airbox Decals I'm pretty sure they fit, because on a few other posts for like 07's I've seen it seemed like they do, but I just want to be 100% sure before I buy them. Thanks in advance.
  11. FreeStyleMx

    Just picked her up last Saturday!

    Decided it was time to upgrade my old 05 CRF250R to an 08. Only had to pay $600 more for the upgrade. Will be trying the bike out at the track this Sunday. I think I'm in love...
  12. You should probably brag some more, it's not annoying at all.
  13. Good finally done! Looks great. Now I need that new bike so we can ride...
  14. FreeStyleMx

    Jacksonville Torrent?

    Main http://www.mininova.org/tor/2456961 Lites http://www.mininova.org/tor/2457402 Slicknick always uploads them the next day or the day of airing. Just keep him in your favorites.
  15. FreeStyleMx

    Chest Protectors

    Here's my Thor Sentinel / Leatt Probably the best chest protector I've owned, fits great, works perfect with neck brace, and looks good too!