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  1. kevin204

    Show Your SX-F!

    Let's keep this thread going, guys! Love to see some '18s in here.
  2. kevin204

    Show Your SX-F!

    I've always been a pretty big FMF fan, but that Rocket exhaust looks really badass.
  3. Not sure how much it relates to everything you're dealing with, but I found my 450 would die when giving it throttle just off idle.. raising the idle a little worked a miracle on it, I've heard that's a common thing with these bikes.
  4. kevin204

    Couple questions - '15 450SXF

    Thank you very much for the posts, guys! Raisers are great, but my issue is with gripping the bike with my knees while I stand.. lowering the pegs should help a little.
  5. I've got a 2015 450SXF and looking for input on a couple of topics. First off, I'm 6'5 and looking to improve comfort a bit, especially while standing.. I'm thinking of going with lower pegs, but not sure of the best option. Saving money is always a plus. Also, I dumped a bit of stabilizer in the fuel tank before winter, and the small cardboard insert that goes in the fuel stabilizer cap fell into the tank. I tried to fish it out, wasn't able to get to it before it sank to the bottom of the tank. So, in the spring, what's my best course of action here? Pull the tank off? Never done that on a fuel-injected bike before, what's the easiest way to go about that? Cheers.
  6. kevin204

    Show Your SX-F!

    Resting for the winter.. *sigh* I wanna ride!
  7. kevin204

    FMF Racing Factory 4.1 RCT Slip-On

    Fits well, light, shorter than the super-long stock muffler
  8. kevin204

    New model KTM reliability

    I don't see any reason you wouldn't get the same sort of service out of a KTM, especially a bigger 350. Usually the smaller the engine, the more often it requires attention.
  9. kevin204

    Show Your SX-F!

    '15 450SXF from last March. Got an FMF can on the way now.
  10. Interesting that your XC-F had the spring hook. I just got a 4.1 for my 450 and it doesn't have it, either as FMF stated.
  11. kevin204

    '15 450SXF winterizing

    Thanks guys!
  12. I didn't get an owner's manual with my bike, but recently heard that disconnecting the battery while leaving it sit for any length of time is recommended.. apparently the fuel system won't shut off otherwise, and the crankcase can fill with gas? Is this true?
  13. kevin204

    DecalMx Graphics kit

    Decal Works, as always, provided another great product.
  14. kevin204

    KTM 450 SX-F (2015)


    *thumbs up*