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  1. imanewb

    crf230 or ttr230

    Hmm.....I'd rather be on the Honda.
  2. imanewb

    waht should i do with my money

    Burn it. Or buy volumes of Hooked on Phonics.
  3. The 17 year old Ricky Carmichael has spoken^^^^. Oh, and post the entire race, looks really cool.
  4. imanewb

    07 yz250f or 07 crf250r

    Instead of buying you a bike, he should buy you a couple volumes of Hooked on Phonics.
  5. barch who's that girl....i want her
  6. I gotta buy a car or else I might.
  7. And you're from the mentally challenged spelling league.
  8. Short skirt long jacket - Cake
  9. Cardigans? Cake? Alanis Morisette? Am I right?
  10. imanewb

    Video , Street Fun On Drz400s

    Okay, wait for it thumperwrestler.....because...I've...seen the show. Dumbass. And I can see you bagging on Skiiers, because it's a lot harder(but still hella easy so I don't know why the corncob's up your ass) than snowboarding. I snowboarded one day last year and I felt that at the end I had reached the basic pinnacle...I could 450 onto boxes and nearly landed a 540, a trick that takes 2 years to learn on skis. And don't even get started on bad videos...if you want to watch one of those look at those two multi-media class commercial videos you posted.
  11. imanewb

    Video , Street Fun On Drz400s

    You just spent a lot of time typing something that turned out to be about as funny as some of Dr. Phil's one liners. Loser.
  12. imanewb

    Video , Street Fun On Drz400s

    That poor, poor Suzuki.
  13. imanewb

    Pics & Videos Of Your Wheelies

    The only way a wheelie is easier on a TTR is the length of the wheelbase. and for my 250X it helps not revving the gear out the second you get the front wheel up. And how would telling a guy to lose weight help him find the balance point? For wheelies a big guy is better at them because they can throw more weight back. You're an idiot. Have a nice day and what the **** is a re re kid?
  14. imanewb

    DRZ-400S vs. KLX-250S Please Help

    They both suck.
  15. imanewb

    aluminum frames

    There really isn't a need for them in my humble opinion.