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  1. Sounds like yall had a blast. Also don't worry, you'll grow into the 450! You can NEVER grow out of one. I woulda loved to have been out this weekend as well but I blew my bike engine on Friday!
  2. I posted something about mine and two guys got into an argument over it and then they agreed they didn't.
  3. shoot yeah, had a lot of things to do while I posted this, it's an 05 TTR230. And I stopped the bike because I saw smoke, my dad said he heard a loud bang when I stopped it which I have no clue how i didn't hear. It looks as if it exploded from the very top of the engine because after a certain area it's clean up top. Ill post pictures when I get it out of the barn to clean it and check to see where it actually came from!
  4. 230's don't have cams..?
  5. Riding today, I knew my engine had a slight tick but I thought nothing of it. Fresh oil, checked over everything, everything routine right, well I rode it a few hours today and the engine completely grenades on me, explodes and oil goes everywhere. Now my friends bike did this but it wasn't smoking and didn't explode but oil went everywhere and all he needed was a new valve cover. What could've been the cause of this? Well here's what lead up to it. Riding trails with my little bro, went down a hill, turned and started on a trail back up the hill, went to shift into second but missed and hit neutral and I looked down and oil was everywhere and smoke everywhere so I shut it off immediately. Little bro says on the downhill, 10 seconds earlier, no more, he saw white smoke coming from my exhaust for a good 3 seconds and it stopped and he didn't see it again. Then all of a sudden when I shifted into neutral by accident I looked down and there's a huge smokey oil mess. Shut it off right there. So idk if its as from me shifting into neutral or if it ran for a few seconds before I shut it off. Either way, what do yall think could be the problem? Valve cover, piston ring, crankshaft, etc. just hoping and crossing my fingers that it isn't a rebuild because I don't have the money for a thumper rebuild. If that's the case, I may sell it saying it needs a new engine. This really sucks.
  6. lol I was effin with ya there. I knew you were trolling. Thats why I said he's trolling or just verrrry dumb. Haha
  7. lol. I've argued with people that could honestly say something like this, so you never know lol
  8. bs. Unless you prove it. This is a breach of contract and you and you family could be wiped off the earth without a trace by the government.
  9. I'd really want a 2 smoker but I feel like I would be rebuilding the engine every week or two.
  10. yes I rev the bikes pretty high, also it depends what I do, if it is really dirty and dusty or muddy I will but if I was just riding around a grassy field I wont if its only a few hours. Also so would I have to rebuild the WR's engine every two weeks as well?
  11. My guess is the timing chain. Or when my bike did this a while back, there was a bolt missing in the piston housing.
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