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  1. farmboybunk


    I haven’t messed with the carb yet. Haven’t needed to. My bike also came with an aftermarket Tomar clutch. Which is supposed to be more robust and less finicky then the stock clutch. We shall see. It’s working great right now.
  2. farmboybunk

    2018 xcw 300 headlight options

    I have the Motominded Squadron and my brother has the Cyclopes LED bulb. Both are very comparable. The Cyclops is $90 for the bulb plus $20 for the rectifier. It’s Plug and play. It also has a low and high beam. The Cyclops is a much whiter light next to the squadron more yellow light. Again both are good lights. After having used both, I don’t know which I like better. For reference, both lights are mounted to 2017 XC 300’s.
  3. farmboybunk


    I just bought the same bike for my 5 year old last week. He raced it Saturday for the first time (his 4th race every) and took second place. He’s pretty excited about it. Here is a picture of the stock info for the bike. 11/48 is the stock gearing.
  4. farmboybunk

    02 PW80 suspension question

    I just did the same shock conversion on an old KTM 50 that had a blown shock. It’s what made me think that I could improve the PW80 shock after how improved the KTM 50 turned out with a new inexpensive rear shock replacement. I bought the shock with lightest spring rate on Amazon. It was rated 400 lbs. it ended being almost to light for my 40 lbs 5 year old. I had to adjust the pre-load all the way and it’s borderline. It bottoms occasionally when he’s riding whoops hard. I’ll end up getting the same shock with a 600 lbs rated spring and I bet it will be just right. The dampening isn’t bad at all for a $20 shock. Make sure whatever shock you get, that it has adjustable pre-load. As the stock PW80 doesn’t.
  5. farmboybunk

    02 PW80 suspension question

    I just started looking for the same thing. The stock suspension i2i is about 265mm (10.5”). After performing web searches, it sounds like others have put a longer shock in to level the bike out a little. I thought about getting a 275 mm shock like this one on Amazon for $29 and trying it. INNOGLOW Motorcycle Universal Rear Shock Absorber Fit For 50cc~110cc Dirt Bike Pit Bike Mini Bike Honda Suzuki Yamaha Kawasaki Apollo SSR TTR KYMCO SYM https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MRWXXQI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_7SKyCbMYFHWQC Picture of my 1995 PW80
  6. Seeing the RM brings back many great memories. In 1996 in my teen years I bought one straight from dealer. Still one of my favorite bike of all time (second only to my new KTM 300). The 1996 and the 1998 are for comparison purposes identical. To me they have something special when it comes to handling. What would you be gaining by trading? From looking at it, I wouldn’t. When both in new condition the RM’s the better bike between it and the KX. There’s a reason he’s nagging you to trade it back...
  7. farmboybunk

    300 xcw vs. 500 xcw

    I switched from a well sorted 2012 XC-W 500 to a 2017 XC 300. So the exact same bikes, minus the suspension on my XC 300. You’ve already heard the Legendary status of the 300. For me it has lived up to the hype in spades, but I can’t say how it is in stock form. As I have not rode it that way. I know a lot of people are very happy with the performance of a well jetted stock 300. Something isn’t right with yours if it’s bogging. When I got my bike I had already read up on all the tricks to make the 300 more “four-stroke like (low end torque, able to pull a gear higher, etc...), and still rip when on the pipe. Before I even road it, I installed an RK Tek head, VForce 4 reeds, PC Pipe, and Lectron Carb and also slightly opened up the air box. The bike flat out performs in any environment. For me it does everything my old 500 did, but better. I even got it licensed for street use. I can ride at a higher level with much less fatigue. From rocky tech to deep sand, I prefer it to the old 500. Hopefully the cause of the bog is an easy fix. Besides jetting, check the reeds and also check for air leaks around intake.
  8. farmboybunk

    2018 300 XC-W, is this a good deal?

    Yes that’s a good deal on a great bike. If you get it, just watch out for “Cougars” while out on the trails.
  9. I’ve had quite the holiday weekend. I went from trouble free to two issues on back to back rides. Saturday I got back from a ride and found a broke spoke on the rear wheel. No big deal. Went and put the stock wheels with new tires front and rear on. I installed Tusk spoke and nipples when I installed my new Tusk rim on my old stock hub and I’ve had two of the soft aluminum nipples fail. One stripped out the threads and lost tension. The last one completely sheared in half (you can see it in the pic). Jump forward to this morning. Went for a ride when half way through a 35 mile single track loop I hear a clank and the bike stalls with me clipping along in 4th gear. Luckily I was covering the clutch and immediately pulled it in. I come to a stop and saw that my fairly new o-ring chain (23 hours of use) had broke and had jammed up in the front sprocket and case saver guard. Luckily it didn’t break the case. Only a small gauge. I found that the chain guard on the swing arm was bent inward and had wore/removed the master link clip allowing the chain to come apart. My wife and kids came to my rescue. I lucked out because my chain snapped right at the halfway point where the loop crosses a big wash that my Jeep could go up or else it would have been a long sucky push. Though it was freezing cold waiting two hours for the rescue team to reach me. It was in the mid 30’s, windy and sprinkling. You can see the snow fairly low on the mountains. Just ordered a new TM Design Chain Guard and new chain and front sprocket along with new spokes with steel nipples. Knock on wood I’ll hopefully once again get back to trouble free miles.
  10. Nice Bike and nice find !
  11. I was having a hard time getting a good balance between whoops and rocks. If I had it stiff enough for whoops it would deflect in rocks and vice versa with it soft enough in rocks and not deflect it would bottom in whoops. The tough part is, I have both rocks and whoops in my riding area. After the Revalve by Kreft, it’s more controlled at the same time in rocks and whoops. I really like the suspension a lot. I can push harder for longer with a lot more confidence.
  12. I picked up a back-up used front and rear rim on the cheap. The rear rim I got off eBay years ago for $180. It came with a good rear sprocket and brake rotor, plus a decent tire. The seller even throw in a new bearing kit. It was ugly though. Someone had sprayed painted the silver rim black and it was coming off. A few months ago I laced up a new black Tusk rim to the DID hub. The silver front rim I just picked up for a $100. It came with a Tubliss set-up and brake rotor. The front tire was shot though. I was able to get a complete spare rear and front wheel set-up (wheel, rotors/sprocket, Tubliss and tires) for the price of just a cheap set of aftermarket rims. The downside, they don’t match... I still have the stock wheel set. They are sitting ready with new tires for the first race of the season next Saturday.
  13. DeCal Works. Out of the different custom graphic sites I tried, they had the most interactive site. Allowing instant review of graphic edits. I didn’t find another site like them. All the other sites you had to wait for a proof to be made and sent to see the layout of the graphic. By that time you had to pay a bit of money and were committed to use them. While DeCal works allows you to play around with graphic content and see it in real time. The downside is they were more money then most of the other sites. I did a google search and found a 10% off coupon which was nice.
  14. farmboybunk

    17+ Husqvarna TX model graphics?

    Hopefully you all don’t mind me posting in the Husqvarna thread with my orange equivalent (2017 KTM XC 300). I originally put money down on a 2017 TX, but the dealer kept moving the ETA back every week for two months. I finally broke down and picked up a KTM XC 300 before they were sold out. I’ve had it close to two years now and decided to do a refresh. I got my graphics from DeCal Works. Proofs Finished graphics Installed graphics
  15. I bought the bike in March of 2017 (on the day KTM announced the release of the TPI) and it’s been pure fun ever since. I’ve added few odds and ins since buying it. More so because the wife let me then because the bike needed it (other then jetting...). Lectron, RK Tek head, VForce 4 Reeds, FMF Sparky (Turbine Core) and Pro Circuit Pipe, AXP Xtreme Skid Plate. Extra set of wheels and TuBliss in both wheel sets. I decided to add to the bikes versatility and added a custom enduro light kit and made it street legal. Added a large tank (IMS 3.5 gal). With the tank and Lectron I’ve went over 110 miles on one ride in Moab without refueling. I’ve put lots of miles and hours on since, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the fun factor this bike brings. Anytime I twist the throttle I have a perma grin on my face. It’s just flat out fun. After hitting the 100 hour mark I decided it was time for a refresh. I had put a new piston and ring in at a little over 80 hours, because I had cracked the exhaust flange and figured I should change the piston while I was changing the flange. Other then that and fresh filters and oil changes, the bike hadn’t required much work. It was way past due for suspension maintenance. I went back and forth about just a refresh (oil, seals, bushing etc...) or refresh plus revalve. I decided to send the fork and shock to Kreft Moto and get their Revalve Control set-up. I’ve been super impressed. The plastic and graphics were starting to look a little tired, So I decided to go custom graphics and new plastic and seat cover. It came together nicely. This is the first bike that I haven’t had “wondering eyes”. Looking for the next latest and greatest. There’s not another bike out there that I’d rather be riding.