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  1. Thanks. I have one and still haven't found time to install mine, either.
  2. My son is 10 and growing fast so I'm looking for someone in the Puget Sound that has a ~12yo that I can routinely upgrade gear with. Likewise, as I said, my son is 10 so if you need boots, chest protector, etc, drop me a line. His current gear was used 15-20 times and in great condition. I'm in Issaquah and work in Renton, 1 block N of Ikea.
  3. I have an 04 exc that I'm putting a new piston in. Do you happen to know which thickness KTM uses from the factory? Also, is the squish measured w/o the base gaskets in place?
  4. mvanbogart

    Washington Mattawa

    Lot's of traffic in some of the draws. Looks like someone or a group putting in serious time running a 8 or so mile loop. I like the grass track on the side of the hill. Epic conditions yesterday. Not a dry piece of dirt anywhere.
  5. I've seen some others online but pics and diagrams are usually not that great. Lot's of good advice here in the past and hoping someone can enlighten me. Thanks in advance for the help.
  6. I'm looking for add a deep cycle battery, an inverter and a few other simple outlets to the home built toy hauler. I want to charge the battery from my 7pin trailer plug when I'm driving. My plan is to put a single deep cycle marine battery and and simple wiring in the tongue box. Can anyone point me to a simple set of instructions on doing something like this? I've seen much more complex systems but my brain can only process the things. Thanks, Matt
  7. mvanbogart

    Washington Land grab

    I haven't read much on the forums on this. What is the impact on Taneum, etc? http://seattletimes.com/html/localnews/2024888209_landacquisitionxml.html
  8. mvanbogart

    Saddle Mountain/Mattawa

    It sucks. No riding left. Absolutely terrible. Avoid at all cost. Don't waste your time - especially on days after moisture.
  9. Anyone have a link to the thread that showcases a really, really nice white box van that doubles as a sleeping quarters? IIRC, the van is white with with a red strip down the side. Super bad ass.
  10. I was concerned about this when I first made my hitch carrier but after thousands of miles w/o one I don't really see the need to use one.
  11. mvanbogart

    Friday at Mattawa

    Man, I'd love to. Was really dry and loose 2 weeks ago. Looks like they have got some moisture this week.
  12. Lots of good ideas for building your own, here: www.tnttt.com/viewforum.php?f=42&sid=8a111576b6369d10fde50a8ff66ea950
  13. mvanbogart

    Moto Trailer

    Maiden voyage was great. The only thing I need to do now is buy a smaller propane tank for my small heater so I can use the lower right storage area for 2 gas cans and 1 propane tank. I'm happy with the results! Braaaaaap!
  14. mvanbogart

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    How are people securing eTrack to the 3/4" plywood floors of your trailers? I used #12 1' pan head screws. 5 holes (10 positions total) at the heavy tie down points then a screw in every 5th hole in the middle.
  15. mvanbogart

    Moto Trailer

    Got the chocks and eTrack down today. Too cold and wet in the NorthWet today to attempt the stain and floor coating. I might regret trying to do this project at the this time of the year. Screwed the eTrack down and if I decide to pull it up this summer to stain the walls and coat the floors I'll need to move them slightly to find new places for screws. I'm going riding on Friday and want to use my trailer sooooo bad I decided to press on. Shit, who knows...might not even stain the walls and coat the floor. I want to spend my time riding!