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  1. ThumpaGreg

    Son's Broken Collarbone

    All the very best to him K. Make sure he is strong and doesn't get back on the bike too early: listen to the orthopaedic surgeon! He should get an excellent result as long as he does the right things.
  2. ThumpaGreg

    Son's Broken Collarbone

    G'day K. I'm in Australia too, and I am a doctor as well (like Dr. Mark). I'm sorry to say it but he is absolutely correct: that will need surgery with the clavicle fixed with plates and screws. Those fractures and the degree of displacement of the bones mean that there is NO way they can be reduced and stay in place. I'm afraid he is going to be off the bike for at least a couple of months. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!
  3. ThumpaGreg

    Fantic K-ROO 1994 Info / Manual Wanted

    Mate, you are absolutely spot on! I have been tearing what little hair I have left over the K-roo's clutch system. Getting an overhaul kit for the master cylinder was one thing, but finding a new seal for the slave cylinder was something else! At least once I finish it it should have a great clutch...for a while...
  4. ThumpaGreg

    1996 cr125 trouble...

    Hi Tek88. Looks like you have learned a few nasty lessons the hard way! The window in the piston must face the intake side: Home Skillet is spot on. As the piston travels up the cylinder it creates a vacuum in the crankcase to suck in the next charge of fuel/air mixture. The window in the piston is part of this process. If you have it backwards, it will be sucking in the last lot of exhaust gas that went out after ignition! This will seriously dilute the amount of fuel in the mix, meaning it will run lean and hot. Add to that the fact that you weren't running coolant. I agree the engine did well to run as long as it did. Sadly, your piston and rings are stuffed. As Miatour said, if you have any scratches big enough to feel with the ol' fingernail, the cylinder needs serious attention as well. Mind you, you might be lucky (bit hard to see from the picture) but it might just be aluminum from the piston that has deposited on the cylinder wall. If that is the case, you might be able to get away just with honing the cylinder. If you do end up getting it rebored, don't forget to have the ports chamfered! Good luck with it all!
  5. ThumpaGreg

    Fantic K-ROO 1994 Info / Manual Wanted

    Hi Darrell. Just searching around myself....I have a 1991 K-Roo. I don't know how old your post is, but I wondered if you have had any luck. I have a parts list for the K-roo and would be happy to forward that. I have been told that they did not produce an owner's manual (which I find hard to believe) and have heard nothing about a shop manual. So far my efforts with the bike have been trial and error (no pun intended!). You are right about the brake fluid in the clutch...I have never seen a more bizarre arrangement! Brake fluid travels through the countershaft, and ends up pushing out into a bronze cup with a seal on the outside of it. This then pushes out on the clutch top plate to disengage the clutch. Problem of course is that once the seal fails, you end up with brake fluid in the transmission...not good! The other hit and miss is to try and find out the quantity of fork oil for the bike. I had to rebuild my forks because of leaking seals, but still have not found out the oil amount. I believe the 307 has the same forks (USD) as the K-roo, but still no info! If you would like the parts list let me know...if you have any other info I would love to hear about it!
  6. ThumpaGreg

    Fingers going numb all the time. Remedies?

    Yes MXcrash, you are spot on. The median nerve is the one that is affected in the wrist, and surgery for this is very quick and easy. The pattern of symptoms you have Cameron is very suspicious that this is the problem. You are also right that it is very unlikely to be related to your collarbone problem. However, anything that applies vibration to your arm, as the bike does, can make the problem much worse. I strongly recommend getting checked our sooner rather than later. The sooner it's fixed the better, and there will be minimal down time before you are able to ride again. Hope this helps!
  7. ThumpaGreg

    Fingers going numb all the time. Remedies?

    Hi Cameron. I AM a doctor, so I can tell you it's not likely to be Raynaud's disease. You may have carpal tunnel syndrome, where the nerve is getting squashed as it goes through the wrist, or it may even be a problem with nerve compression in your neck. In either case, you need to see a doctor to get it properly diagnosed. Good luck!