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  1. I did an exhaust review but in the video you can really see all the little things ive done to make the bike look great. Thanks for watching
  2. I really like the pro circuit T4 exhaust on my bike. So much so that I did a video review LOL
  3. i have had this exhaust before. 120 main was much too rich for me. in my application with the pro circuit T4 and the airbox gutted with a twinair filter i was running a 110 main and a 42 pilot and it seemed to run perfectly
  4. friggin tresspassers tearing up our hay fields could just go away too haha
  5. if you want to make your bike ludicrously loud, turn your timing chain up by a tooth or so it will be very hard to start, but when it does give it a real twist of the throttle. youll be hearing gunshots coming from your motor from miles away we did this to my friends baja 250 chineese quad. we could literally hear it all the way from the time he started it at his house (a mile away) all the way to my place. i couldnt think of a way to make an engine any louder than this. 4 old people in town came knocking on our door complaining about the noise that afternoon LOL
  6. holy crap i subscribed dude you put so much time and effort into that. you make me look bad haha i do youtube videos just for fun but you really do take this seriously. thumbs up from me your videos are great
  7. while were on the topic of youtube channels? do you wanna check out ours? i made it before i ever heard nitro circus was a thing so i feel kinda stupid now we would have some better jumps but i ride a 230 lol it just bottoms out. my freind did some pretty crazy jumps on a kawasaki moped tho. we do a little bit of everything from biking to quadding to sledding even to riding stuff we built in our garage
  8. how would you go about matching the intake port?
  9. at smoky lake/bellis area. there is an ENOURMOUS sand pit around here plus some good jumps and trails. contact me if anyone wants to come riding with us we got a few freinds that all live by here
  10. hi im just wondering if there are any larder carbs that would bolt right on to a crf230f? maybe even some slight modification? ive heard that maybe an xr250 carb might bolt on but i havent heard for sure from anyone. any reccomendations from people who know or have already done this to their 230 are welcome
  11. look i know that a wr is a better bike. period. there is no denying that. but if the kid doesn't have an extra 2k to spend then going with a nicely modded up trail bike isnt a bad idea. plus you have the additional reliability of an air cooled trail bike. that and maybe a race bike doesn't necessarily suit his riding style. it all depends. bottom line is, if he has the money, then a wr or a crf is a good idea, but if you don't wanna spend that much and trail riding is most of what you do, then souping up your existing bike may not be a bad idea. plus you'll really surprise your friends on cr125's when you completely wax them with a trail bike
  12. yeah the hp will be not bad. he could go out and buy a wr250 or a 250x but they are so bloody expensive its like 8g's to buy a new one. with the mods ive listed he could make a bike with some really decent power for an extra 400$, plus he'd still have the additional reliability of having a trail bike. if better suspension was called for you could always get cartridge emulators in the front for 160$ and a fox podium shock in the rear. and as far as brakes are concerned, i actually like the factory brakes on my 2014 crf230f. never changed them one bit. only complaint would be that the drum brake in the rear doesnt work so good when its wet, otherwise i cant really see how else a guy could knock 'em.
  13. i have a crf230f and the best value for your money i notice in the mods i did to mine is removing the airbox baffle, removing the exhaust baffle, buying a free-flow air filter, and rejetting the carb. should cost no more than 30$ and will give you a very noticeable increase in power. if youre really hardcore about this with lots of money and know how i would reccomend going with a web cam performance cam for about 150$ and snag a 30mm carb on ebay or something for 50 ish dollars. of course you can always go with a high- comp piston but if your bike doesnt need a rebuild then the benefits you would get from it arent worth it. dont get me wrong it would add a bit of power but for the cost and the amount of work it is i just dont think it would be worth it. happy modding if youre new to this all i have to say is sometimes it works out great but sometimes you end up with an aftermarket nightmare and im sure a lot of other people on this forum would know what im talking about when i say that lol
  14. it sounds like you kinda want a crf450x by what you want out of the bike lol. i hate to say this because i really dont care for suzukis, but the rm is probably the best deal there
  15. a good pro circuit will sound pretty badass if you ask me. there are a lot of fmf fans out there and honestly its mostly just because the company is better branded. honestly tho i think pro circuit or yoshi have the better pipes. maybe even look into getting an akrapovic ive heard theyre pretty good too
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