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  1. Sobots13

    Phoenix / Arizona riding buddies

    Haha haven't been on here in ages but got a kick out of this. I always know who to text when I feel like a CK run. Another month or so Casey and it'll be too hot for mid-day rides anywhere but CK and I'll get back to the Saturday rides up there with you again. Oh and I think you need to change your name on here to CrownKingCasey
  2. Sobots13

    New to Phonix Area....Looking for riding suggestions

    Kenpo- I prefer trail riding but I'm up for anything. Count me in for next Saturday. I think I sent you my cell before but let me know if you don't have it and I'll PM it to you Panhead- I'm up for a ride this sat if you want to show me that spot. I'll send you my number Do you guys recommend having anything beyond tire changing tools, spare tube and small pump? Where I used to live and ride we were always pretty close to the trucks and didn't need anything really
  3. Sobots13

    New to Phonix Area....Looking for riding suggestions

    Hey guys, I moved to AZ in May and have messaged a couple of you before. I think I can finally hack a ride in this heat... Would love to get out this Saturday or next Sat or Sun (22-23). I live in south Tempe but don't mind driving wherever I need to. If anyone wants to ride some trails and show me around shoot me a message Kyle
  4. Sobots13

    Phoenix / Arizona riding buddies

    YZ, I just shot you a MSG. I'm new to AZ and itching to get out. I moved down from Canada and am not used to the heat in the valley yet so I would prefer to head north and stay a bit cooler. If anyone wants to play tour guide Saturday, I'd love to get out for a ride - just send me a message. Kyle
  5. Sobots13

    Who rides the Ganaraska Forest?

    Hey guys, I ride the ganny a ton during the season and was trying to find lists of organized rides there and came across this site. I usually ride with a buddy or 2 since large groups get separated easily. Like everyone I wish I could have the forest to myself all the time but it's big enough you usually don't see too many people once you get in deep and onto the single track UNLESS there's a race or organIzed ride going on. I'd like to avoid driving 2 hours to get there and find the parking areas busier than downtown Toronto. Does anyone have a list of rides there for 2014 or know which groups do rides there so I can try and get some dates of weekends to avoid? Thanks for the help! Kyle