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  1. Granted if I had my choice of Suzuki duals it would be a 98-99 dr350, even my 96 was a beast on the trails and good on the road
  2. If you aren't going to be doing any tough offroad I would go with the dr650. The drz400 is a good all around bike and will be much better than the 650 on trails as the dr650's have poor suspension, and the 650 will have a bit more power and be better for highway travel
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    Great for for cruising around town or hitting the trails. 250's weren't meant for guys
    Great for for cruising around town or hitting the trails. 250's weren't meant for guys
  4. All of those listed can be rather easily found for 2k. You will probably need bar risers ,at least, on any bike. I'm 6'1 and have to have risers and pegs for my xr650.
  5. Suzuki dr350 or drz400, Kawasaki kdx220, or Honda xr400 would probably be the best to start with. If you aren't going to be running tight single track, the Honda xr650r is a good choice as well. Eventually you may want to move to 450 4 stroke or 250 2 stroke, but I would not suggest these to learn on
  6. Honda crf230l or crf250l or xr250l, kawasaki klx250s, and suzuki dr200 are going to be the best bets for a smaller bike that still has some offroad capabilities
  7. Wouldn't suggest a 250 for someone your size as they are already underpowered. I would look at the suzuki dr350 or drz400. The honda xr650l is a great bike and won't be overkill on power, but isn't for someone under 6'. I love mine and use it for everything from highway to trails. The dr650 is good for a commuter, but not so much for offroad as the suspension is terrible
  8. KDX220 and the Ktm 300exc are the best 2 stroke trail bikes I've ridden. Both will get the job done and have decent low end
  9. Make it run better. When I got mine it had a uni, desmogged, and jet kit and was averaging 33mpg. I desnorkeled and didn't get a boost till i took out the factory silencer. Runs grea now and gets between 44 and 48mpg depending on how hard im riding. Plan on finally taking it down this winter and doing proper jets, clark tank,and probably a dg pipe
  10. Yamaha wr250r is one of the best there is, but they're a bit more expensive. I actually prefer the klx250s over the crf250l, but they're close and either will get the job done if you don't want to fork out the cash for the wr250r
  11. A 125 2 stroke is probably not going to be able to lug you around in the slower stuff very well. I would start with at minimum a kdx220 in the 2 strokes, and pretty much any of the 250 4 strokes to get started and going then upgrade as you have more experience and money. I wouldn't put a beginner on a 450 4 stroke or 250 2 stroke as they will be ballistic missles compared to what you've ridden
  12. I would imagine they are quite similar, try the xr650 forum
  13. Proper jets, uni filter, desnorkel, and slip on exhaust will make a world of difference. It will actually make a difference if you just remove the silencer from the stock exhaust after doing daves mods and I advise it as there will be much more air coming in than can get out if you don't
  14. Honda xr250r or xr400r. Kawasaki klx300. Suzuki dr350, drz400, drz250. Yamaha ttr250. All good reliable trail/woods bikes
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