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  1. DRZadvKat01

    The riding game.

    Bump! Nobody riding?
  2. DRZadvKat01

    Random pics.

    Hahaha maybe! We didn't try to find out.
  3. DRZadvKat01

    Random pics.

    Got out a little this weekend to play! Dirt only tho.
  4. DRZadvKat01

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Rode it to work! [emoji12][emoji13][emoji5] wanted to ride away from work as fast as I could when I got there...the beautiful morning made it hard to go in the door. Came out and visited it on my breaks! [emoji3]
  5. DRZadvKat01

    The riding game.

    Same here...and...its not a msg...its a noti!! They'll get it fixed before too long maybe. [emoji12]
  6. DRZadvKat01

    Random pics.

    Looks like a super fun summer for you! The baby is sweet!... The pancake is cool!!.. And the benches look super awesome!! Great pics!! Agree...the site is a little to get used to.
  7. DRZadvKat01

    The riding game.

    There ya go!! Glad somebody is riding! And welcome to our fun game!! A little slow here sometimes but don't forget us!...
  8. DRZadvKat01

    The riding game.

    Yay!! And agree....it doesn't keep the ride challenge up in my usual spot I found it...I have to rehunt for it every time. Or unless someone quotes me lol. Yay! Ppl are riding! Watch this tropical storm blowing through the middle/eastern states...the rains have been pretty bad so far here.
  9. DRZadvKat01

    The riding game.

    Anybody riding? Or is the site change messed with y'all a little too?! LMK is y'all want an alt or just a light in under your pants to ride! [emoji3][emoji23]
  10. DRZadvKat01

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Welcome to the group! Nice looking ride!
  11. DRZadvKat01

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Can't remember if I've ever posted a pic from this fav spot of ours but here it is again if so lol took a friend of ours here and later found out he said it was the most dangerous place! LoL gotta laugh to myself cuz if I can get a DRZ 400 there...it can't be that bad! [emoji1][emoji57]
  12. DRZadvKat01

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    This looks almost like a stop we make on the Hatfield and McCoy trails! Awesome!
  13. DRZadvKat01

    Random pics.

    Down at my Mom's farm at sunset. No edit what so ever. [emoji738][emoji738]
  14. DRZadvKat01

    Random pics.

    Booooo [emoji107][emoji107]