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    HTML help....any gurus online right now?

    I think I understand what you are after, and it requires javascript. I have taken the liberty to give it a try. Check it out here: http://www.geocross.org/misc/tt_help (my isp is having problems at the moment, but should be working by the time you read this)
  2. Ron_in_SoCal

    Need dual sport advise...

    = Thanks guys.
  3. Ron_in_SoCal

    Need dual sport advise...

    I am considering the purchase of a new motorcycle that can be plated here in the motorcycle unfriendly state of California. In your opinion, what is the best 100% dirt oriented late model motorcycle that is does not have the dreaded digit in the VIN? Looking forward to your comments, Ron
  4. Ron_in_SoCal

    SoCal locals - SB Mtns ride

    Hi Rich. Man, I have been thinking about getting a dual sporter just to do this kind of thing. I never should have sold my old XR400. It has been waaaaaaaaay to long since I've thrown a leg over anything, gotta change that ASAP. I would love to join you but I need a plate! I may even be able to show you a few good off the beaten path trails up there. Have fun and be safe, Ron
  5. Ron_in_SoCal

    Memorial Fund

    I too am interested in contributing. If something is setup, please post the info here. Thank you.
  6. Ron_in_SoCal

    MOTOMAN393 passed away today, please read.

    I'm speachless. God Bless you Motoman393.
  7. Ron_in_SoCal


    Freestyle, now thats my kind of thinking. Don't give them the money in the first place!
  8. Ron_in_SoCal

    SIDI vs Alpinestars

    I own a pair of SIDI Flex Force boots and love them. I opted for the non-replicable sole model because they are a little more flexible and you can still have the entire sole replaced if necessary. They are just as comfy as the Tech 8's yet offer more protection and are way more adjustable. Oh yeah, they squeek when you walk.
  9. Ron_in_SoCal


    That sucks big time. On a related note: http://www.e-gray.com
  10. Ron_in_SoCal

    What about aluminum sprockets on four strokes?

    I have installed a new X-ring chain at the same time as the Renthal sprocket, although the c/s sprocket was the stocker. Two rides later (about 200 miles) the Renthal was toast. Yep, the chain was adjusted properly, but the sprocket was starting to shark fin big time. I wonder if it was a bad one that missed the heat treatment process or something.
  11. Ron_in_SoCal

    What about aluminum sprockets on four strokes?

    Hi Dan. You were lucky to get 300 miles out of the Renthal. I believe the best solution is a chromoly steel rear sprocket. Lighter than the stocker and just as tough. They are not very common, however. Try AFAM here in HB. I know they make them and will make one for you if they are not in stock. Be sure to specify chromoly when ordering. http://www.afamusa.com/sprocket-apps/yamaha-sprocket-apps.html
  12. Ron_in_SoCal

    Oregon Back Country ride in 2003

    Fryboy, That picture was taken near Roseburg OR, about 20 miles towards Diamond Lake on highway 138, exit 124 or 125 going north on the 5. I have only ridden there once during the spring of 2000 when my WR was new. Here I learned the YZ timing mod is a bad idea if you have to ride on moss-covered rocks. The locals use sheet metal screws for studs on their knobbies to help cope with the moss. Technical riding to say the least. See the links below for more pictures of the area (sorry, no action shots). Remember, these are not pictures of the Oregon Back Country byway WR400Rock is referring to, but I would not doubt that some of the northern parts of this 700 mile long trail are somewhat similar. http://www.h2ooh.com/motophotos/orwr.jpg http://www.h2ooh.com/motophotos/or1.jpg http://www.h2ooh.com/motophotos/or2.jpg http://www.h2ooh.com/motophotos/or3.jpg http://www.h2ooh.com/motophotos/or4.jpg
  13. Ron_in_SoCal

    OT: What not to do to your truck

    Actually, there is a seperate belt for the AC that is behind the serpentine belt. I still don't believe he drove that thing home though.
  14. Ron_in_SoCal

    Oregon Back Country ride in 2003

    Can I bring my own ferns? Dan, Hey man, this town is only big enough for one serious GPS geek. LOL. Have you given that ride a try? And how did you get a plate on that 426?? I'm jealous. Here is the track log (save to disk): http://www.h2ooh.com/gps/landers.mps We should start a new thread on GPS stuff and exchange waypoints and tracks. You never know who might have tons of track logs out there.
  15. Ron_in_SoCal

    Oregon Back Country ride in 2003

    Rock: I gotta tell ya, for a guy who was raised riding in the SoCal desert it is a special thrill to remove fern parts from your motorcycle after riding the most beautiful trails I have ever seen. Awesome riding and even better fishing makes for a great place in my book. This picture was taken near Deer Creek in Douglas County. No where near the trail your talking about, but if this is what the riding is like where your going then count me in.