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  1. so i changed my jetting a little bit leaner, and now my bike vibrates a ton more. does this have to do with the jetting change and is it bad?
  2. my 2016 stock with the same jetting was rich everywhere and fouling plugs and i'm at 150 meters
  3. so i changed the jetting in my 2016 ktm 150sx (has rubber mounted bars) but i noticed that now the bike vibrates a lot more. i went from a 48 pilot to a 45 and a 180 main to a 178. i was wondering if leaner jetting can cause vibrations
  4. I own a '16 150sx and i've ridden my friends '15 crf250 multiple times. For the trails, the 150sx glides across roots and rocks even when off the throttle, and has decent bottom and mid, however not as much as the four stroke. the crf feels planted even when the bike is on the gas and will hit the roots harder when decelerating. it has a lot more power down low but doesn't scream as well up high. For the track it's pretty much the same thing, the light(er) weight of the 150sx makes it easy to throw around compared to the crf250, and is very fun. On almost every forum about this bike and any demo of the lineup people always say the ktm 150 is the most fun. the four stroke on the track had the most low and made it easy to accelerate out of corners, but i really had to pay attention to corner speed on the ktm and it seems like it made me a better rider.
  5. you can buy a 2t for cheaper and then use the extra money for parts or gear[emoji1362]
  6. Wasn't sure wether or not to post this in the off-road or mx but whatever. so, when i'm trying to shift my bike (ktm with the hydrolic auto adjusting clutch) i use all my fingers which is a habit i'm trying to get out of. but when i only use two or one finger i can't pull the lever in to the bars. so now the main question IS IT OKAY TO NOT PULL THE LEVER ALL THE WAY TO THE BARS WHEN SHIFTING?
  7. So my 2016 150 SX is fouling plugs, and we determined it was the jetting. It took two hours to foul each plug. The bike had a 180 Main and a 45 Pilot in it, and the fouled plugs looked like this And then i changed the Main Jet to a 175, and the pilot to a 42, and now the plug looks like this after about an hour of riding . Is that a good plug, or is it lean? I can easily change it as I have main jets 170-185 and a 42-48 for my pilots. I just don't want to wreck a new bike, thanks
    Nice feel but can't say anything about durability because I now have Bark Busters.
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    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The NEXT SMART LEVER in a 3 point lab test at a leading University demonstrates that the NEXT SMART LEVER is significantly stiffer for better control and "pull in feel" when compared to other composite levers at 3 different deflection points. Yet has a significantly deflection range as to NOT break in a typical off road crash. Anti Fatigue, Anti-Vibration composite lever blade has a very comfortable feel that reduces finger fatigue and arm pump. Ultra lightweight 68 gram lever without pull in flex for a solid feel. Fits in stock OEM perches. Exclusive LCP-10 Liquid Crystal Poly/Aluminum Hybrid design. Lightweight NO Springs or hinges for added weight. Maybe the lightest lever in the marketplace. CNC Machined aircraft grade 6061 T6 Aluminum knuckle. Manufactured to factory team specifications. Limited lifetime warranty**. Colors Available: Matte Black or Matte White
    Great suspension, very powerful engine, quick handling, light feel, great clutch and brakes, just an amazing bike overall.
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    Great suspension, very powerful engine, quick handling, light feel, great clutch and brakes, just an amazing bike overall.
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    SPECIFICATIONS ENGINE Design: 1-cylinder, 2-stroke engine Displacement: 143.6 cm³ Bore: 56 mm Stroke: 58.4 mm Starter: Kickstarter Transmission: 6-speed Primary drive: 23:73 Secondary gear ratio: 13:48 Clutch: wet multi-disc clutch, Brembo hydraulics EMS: Kokusan CHASSIS Frame design: 25CrMo4 steel central-tube frame Front suspension: WP-USD, AER 48, Ø 48 mm Rear suspension: WP shock absorber with linkage Suspension travel (front): 310 mm Suspension travel (rear): 300 mm Front brake: Disc brake Rear brake: Disc brake Front brake disc diameter: 260 mm Rear brake disc diameter: 220 mm Chain: 5/8 x 1/4" Steering head angle: 63.9 ° Wheelbase: 1485 ± 10 mm Ground clearance: 375 mm Seat height: 960 mm Tank capacity (approx.): 7 l Weight READY TO RACE (without fuel): 87.2 kg
  11. I was thinking that since it is much colder now than in the summer (>50 degrees colder) that the air is more dense and making the mix too rich? But I do agree that the main jet probably needs to be switched. Should I go bigger or smaller for leaner?
  12. Thanks for the advice Swes. I don't think it could be the exhaust because we took it off, de-carbonized it, painted it, and re packed it. I'll make sure to check the power valve too. Thanks.