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  1. tonewall

    550 FE gearbox/starter problems, Husaberg

    it is an all too COMMON PROBLEM . have seen the same. hoping for upgraded starter drive HUB .
  2. tonewall

    gas gas piston swaps

    does anyone know if any vertex or pro x pistons fit a 250 gg mx .I believe honda height and pin location is the same but later years are flat top . the size is 66.35 or 66.40 .
  3. tonewall

    Piece of [@#$%&*!] Honda 2004 450

    check for burned or improperly adj valves . use stock jetting to 3000 ft.undefined
  4. tonewall

    I give up!! need CRF4 help

    valves might be mushroomed and will not seal ,remove compression release and compression test. Is the exhaust leaking . cam chain wore out( I have seen this on 02's with lots of miles)