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  1. Mcwille117

    Other high mileage DR's?

  2. Mcwille117

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    Yeah I just finished that mod... was a pain because the gear I had was a 25T not a 23T like I needed. It is no longer available from suzuki either.. found one on ebay though. a guy from adv rider forum helped me figure out what the issue was. I never knew there were like 3 different gearing setups. it went together smoothly but as soon as it started it sounded like it was about to grenade.
  3. Mcwille117

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    My second Dr350. This on is a 1995 SE
  4. Mcwille117

    Couple of DR350 questions

    I am very thankful you posted that I had enough time to cancel the order I placed for a JTR808.41 and I need JTR822.41 I just reordered what I need to to keep running the Cush wheel fo now.  If I decided to use the Cush wheel as my off road what is the largest number of teeth I can put on it. I the non Cush wheel came with a 50T on it. So that was helpful if I use that in the dirt. 
  5. Mcwille117

    Couple of DR350 questions

    Ok 👍 looking at that post you seem to be pretty comfortable tearing these bikes down lol. Every time I have pulled a swing arm it has been a nightmare. Granted I have only done it on a 89 cr125, a 92 cr250, and a 80 xs400 road bike. All three ran worked just fine before I pulled them apart but all three I had to replace way more than I ever intended to. From stuck bolts etc. I really can’t afford to have this bike down and I know I can’t afford all new bearings and bolts. Are there some essentials that pretty much always go bad that I should have in hand before I start the install? Good news is I have never seen so many zerk fittings for grease on a bike so I am hoping it is still pretty good and I can just re-grease the shit out of it.
  6. Mcwille117

    Couple of DR350 questions

    So am I understanding right that rear sprockets are NOT interchangeable between Cush drive and non-Cush drive?
  7. Mcwille117

    Couple of DR350 questions

    How terrible is pulling the swing arm on these?
  8. Mcwille117

    Couple of DR350 questions

    Ok I just figured out that the extra wheel I ordered to have one ready to go for off roading and one for street are different. I have a stock 18” rim on a Cush drive hub that came originally on my 1995 DR350SE and I have a 19” rim laced to a non Cush drive hub that I just bought off eBay. Didn’t think about that when I ordered it off eBay I just saw 97 dr350se so I bought. I wanted a 19” rim because I have a 19” screw tire for ice that is too worn for my son to race on but still fine for me to play on. Not spending 4-500 to have a 18” ice tire made. I also have a couple of never run 19” MX tires that came with his new bikes before we set them up for flat track. Couple more questions now. Do I need different spacers for the non Cush drive? I am guessing so. Is the spacers all I will need? Gearing wise would it be better to make my 18” Cush wheel my off road wheel, buy a cheap 18” MX tire and run road gearing with the larger 19” wheel to get my rpms down? Now that I think about it all I am saving is the cost of a MX tire because I will be mounting the ice tire each season either way. Does kind of suck that it is a colored rim so it doesn’t match the front for the 90% street riding I do.
  9. Mcwille117

    Couple of DR350 questions

    Thank you for the sprocket link. Cush wheel? What does that mean?
  10. Mcwille117

    Suzuki DR350SE (1995)


    I love this bike
  11. Mcwille117

    Suzuki DR350SE 1995

    I love this bike
  12. Mcwille117

    Couple of DR350 questions

    My swing arm guard is gone. lost it last night didn't notice until I started out slow at a stop sign and heard a slight grinding noise. Chain is on the swing arm. need that fixed ASAP because the bike is my main mode of transportation. I ordered it from a dealership I work with from their cost of $26.25 but my first question is do I have to pull the swing arm to install it????? Next, I keep seeing people talk about putting a 16T on the front I couldn't find where to buy one. I have Vortex Racing looking into adding a 15T and a 16T to their line up right now but if they can't where can I get a 16T front that will fit? What is the lowest tooth rear sprocket I can fit on a 1995 DR350 SE? what is the best gear ratio that can get me to 75ish at 6000rpm or under? is that realistic or am i dreaming?
  13. Mcwille117

    DR350 Kick Start Conversion...

    Does anyone have any of the pictures from the German site saved?? It is no longer up. I need to know if when I installed everything it misaligned something. It runs but sounds horrible. Like the kick start is not disengaging.
  14. Mcwille117

    dr350se kick start

    Does anyone have the pictures that we’re part of this??? The German website is no longer there. I put it together and I am having issues.
  15. Mcwille117

    Dr350se Kickstart mod boondoggle?

    Ok so I just finished the mod to add a Kickstarter on to my electric start Dr350se. Something is wrong. It seems to me like the kick start is not disengaging. When I start the bike with the electric start (haven’t tried the kick yet) the engine is making a winding noise. It sounds like it is spinning the gear on the kick starter. What did I do wrong?