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  1. I was wondering if anybody ever rented a bike for a year from a dealer. Im thinking of renting an 04 CRF 450. Its been ridden prety hard but I know the rider and the bike. Ive ridden it alot also. Its nice. He replace the top end twice but I dont know about the valves. I think Im going to rent it for around $1000 for the year. He said I would have to pay for all the parts and work done on the bike after I get it. He is also tring to sell the bike for 5,600. What a rip. Should I rent it.
  2. My dealer told me 2 weeks ago that he got 6 new 450 in and I went to go talk to him about a deal and he sold them all. He said he will be geting 2 more in in the next week. He also said that might be all he gets for the year. Is that true that dealers only get a certin amout of bikes? They cant order more or what?
  3. brosi

    05 CRF 450 Prices OTD ?

    Colorado, but Im buying in N.M
  4. brosi

    05 CRF 450 Prices OTD ?

    Im getting one for 6,000 OTD. They retail for 6799.
  5. brosi

    05 CRF 450 Prices OTD ?

    Im getting one for 6,000 OTD. They retail for 6799.
  6. brosi

    knee braces ?

    Ive been using EVS for 5 years now and I think there awsome. They cost around 500 for the pair. I cracked a couple of mine, but there under a 1year warrenty and it cost $100 each to get new ones. The knee cups break sometimes but I got to the national where EVS is always there and they fix them for free. There Awsome.
  7. I live in durango and race everywhere. WE have races in Aztec N.M., Monticello Utah, Mancos Co. I also race a lot in Alb. Sandia J-five and Moriarity. Our season around here just endded last weekend. ITS SNOWING RIGHT NOW. This weekend Im racing in sandia then holloween day there is a race at j-five, just outside of San Yosidro N.M.
  8. brosi

    Delta Center Arenacross on Jan 1??

    I go to the national arenacross race at the pepsi center every year. Its awsome. tight track but fun. I think it in Jan too.
  9. brosi

    New Crf 250, Anyone have one?

    I own a 04 CRF250 and i have a factory 4 on it right now and I love it. It helpes a lot everywhere but mostly mid to top end power.
  10. I was wondering what you guys thought a good price for a 2004 CRF450 is. The bike was ridden hard by a fast B rider and has had the top end changed twice. I would have to get a new clutch basket and plates. The bike looks pretty good though. i was thinking about 5,000. I was thinking of getting a 2005, which I could get for 6,000 OTD. My local dealer sponsors me. Should I just get the O5?
  11. brosi

    250R suspension help needed...

    I had the same problem, If you have a lot of free sag when not sitting on the bike you definatly need softer springs. Im and average B rider and I weigh about 145 with gear too. stock front springs are .45 I went to a .43. In the rear i wnt a coulple spring size softer too. If you do the rear you should do the front too. WMR suspension did mine and its good. Talk to Willie Manning if your going to get it done. He will help you out alot.
  12. I was wondering how much you guys are Getting the 05 CRF450s for. I know the shipping is 200$.
  13. brosi

    Problems with stock CRF250 subframe

    I just barly fell over. I think if you fall on the right side the pipe bends the subframe in.
  14. I was wondering if anybody else was using WMR suspension. I have been using them for the year, and have had problems, but their fixing them. Ifirst sent my suspension off to get softer spring since i weigh 140lbs. I first got my suspension back and It was sticking. They thougt that it was their mistake so i sent it back. they said they fixed it and it was the exact same. called them up a couple weeks later and they said that Honda had a recall on the honds bushings. So i sent it back again. got it back and it was the [@#$%&*!] same. I figured out that they softened the rear which was good but HARDENED the front. Im so pissed. I told them i was not paying for the shiping again, so they are going to send me the softer springs , and i have to pay somebody to put them it. it sucks, but their good people.
  15. I was wondering if anybody had problems with there subframes too. I already broke 1 and bent another. There is no aftermarket one either.