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  1. I took my suspension to a reputable suspension dealer to have it re-sprung/re-valved for my wieght and ability. I'm 180lbs and on a good day a slow/mid B rider. I asked the person doing the suspension what spring rates were going to be used and was told they would be .460 Front and 5.3 Rear. I'm not sure about the rear, but from what I've seen on other sites, the .460's are the same as the stock rate. All indications are that the stock suspension is far too soft. A friend who is an A rider rode it and got pumped up just as fast as I was getting and his advice was that the suspension is far too soft. Any insights as to what would be good starting points for me spring rate wise? -Adam
  2. racerxadam

    3 big tabletops at blue diamond

    I really miss that section. The first two were fun, the last one was scary but also fun.
  3. racerxadam

    Tank and seat rub marks!!

    you should just stop riding your bike. it'll always be squeaky clean that way and never have any black marks on it.
  4. racerxadam

    how is blue diamond?

    Third. There is nothing really difficult on the track anymore.
  5. racerxadam

    MC ramps for Tall 4X4's

    When I had my lifted truck I used 3 2x8's screwed together with some scrap 2x4's. This resulted in a ramp that was around 20 inches wide. Just wide enough to ride up safely and walk down with the bike during unloading. I will also second standing on a crate when loading without a wide ramp, I use my bike stand.
  6. racerxadam

    Clutch won't engage...

    There is always residual friction between the plates and steels when the lever is pulled. The real question is does the bike stall when you put it in gear with the lever pulled and then is the clutch slipping when the lever is all the way out? If the answers are no and no and the lever engages where you want it to, just ride it.
  7. racerxadam

    How many bike have you owned?

    1. No name minibike w/ briggs and stratton engine 2. 1974 AMF Harley Davidson SX 175 3. 1974 Honda CB360 4. 1999 KX250 5. 2004 CRF250 6. 2001 CBR 929 7. 2004 CRF50 8. 2006 CRF450 I still have the CB 360 and the last 3 on the list.
  8. racerxadam

    Homemade Manual Cam Chain Tensioner

    Much lower rate of failure than the auto tensioners. Only draw back is needing to check the cam chain tension periodically.
  9. racerxadam

    Changes to BD

    If it's challenging the people that can't do it whine about it instead of practicing. I for one don't want to be able to do everything on a track the first lap out. I like being scared, working up the courage and conquering obstacles. I was really upset when they took out the single to table by the bleachers, that was fun! The doubles are a joke.
  10. racerxadam

    Preprinted number opinion

    Does your sanctioning body require anything specific?
  11. racerxadam

    Value of New 06 CRF 450R

    I bought my 06 in september used with less than 15 hrs for 4050.
  12. racerxadam

    how to wheelie

    This is the key to riding wheelies forever, rear brake break to bring it down and throttle to bring it back up. Tons of practice is also very important.
  13. racerxadam

    Faom on helmet in mud races

    The hope is that mud won't stick to it, then your helmet won't wiegh a ton extra by the end of the race.
  14. racerxadam

    Bad Habit = Bad Crash

    Are your race and free sag measurements correct?
  15. racerxadam

    The last broome national?

    If its true, i wonder if they will run the full national track at any amatuer events other than when they currently run it.