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  1. XRrider62

    Front brake leakdown

    Why does the front brake leak down after the bike sits for a few weeks? It takes a while to get the pressure to come back up and make the front brake operational. Is this typical of the KTM brakes?
  2. XRrider62

    250 xc power loss

    Dennystar, coveyj3 and KTMfred nailed it! Installed the original silencer and the bike runs better than ever. Thanks for all the help and suggestions guys.
  3. XRrider62

    250 xc power loss

    Pin is still in place and everything moves smoothly. Perhaps the silencer thought a few posts up is the way to go.
  4. XRrider62

    250 xc power loss

    Well, the PV is clean and working smooth. In fact I've never seen the inside of a 2 stroke look so clean. I checked the reeds and they look good too. Looked in the carb and it didn't have any debris in it either. ??? To be honest, the power of this bike has never thrilled me, but now it just plain runs poorly. The pipe has a few dingers in it but I can't imagine enough to disrupt the power this much. The motor sounds good and tight and from the exhaust port the piston and rings appear fine too... no scuffs. Maybe I'll put the stock silencer on and see if that helps.
  5. XRrider62

    250 xc power loss

    Thanks for the help. I thought pv as well but wanted a little reasurance.
  6. XRrider62

    250 xc power loss

    My 07 250xc has lost power for some reason. Still pulls pretty good on the bottom but has no peak power. When the RPM's climb it won't peak or get on the pipe. It sounds like it's cutting out... similar to when the engine is cold and won't smooth out. It has 60 hours on it and I'm not sure where to start. Any thoughts?
  7. XRrider62

    Can't plate my 07 250xc?

    Well, I got it! Went to DMV yesterday with all of the correct documents and it went through. I got my tags. I don't understand the inconsistent things the DMV said. She didn't say anything about the year of the bike. Went right through. SWEET!
  8. XRrider62

    Can't plate my 07 250xc?

    Called DMV to get the particulars on titleing and plating my XC and they said I can't on an 07 or newer. Any other coloradans know any trick to get around this? I've seen new ones plated. what's the deal?
  9. XRrider62

    01 426 opinions?

    No other thoughts?
  10. XRrider62

    San Rafael Swell?

    Looking to go check out Green river area. Where exactly is the Swell? Is 5moh part of that system? What kind of riding is there? Thanks for any info.
  11. XRrider62

    01 426 opinions?

    I have a chance to pick up a low use (for the year) yz426 for a good price. Thought it would make a good second bike to have around for a spare. Any honest opinions of these? It's bone stock, never raced, belongs to a friend of the family so I know the history of it. As far as I know, these are reliable good longevity bikes aren't they. Any thoughts? Gray?
  12. XRrider62

    bike + big puddle= nono

    I did that on my old KX250. Didn't get the bottom end completely dried out and let the bike sit a while before riding again. On the next ride, 10 minutes into it the crank bearings seized. Dry that thing out completely and ride for a long time to get all of that moisture out of the bottom end. All it takes is a light coating of rust on those bearings and you are screwed.
  13. XRrider62

    Potential first 2-smoke! (250XC bad idea?)

    I recently switched to the 250xc also from a crf450 and cr250. All I can say is the KTM is great for what I like to do...single track. No tendency to stall like the thumper, and much smoother power with more bottom end than the cr 250 2t. It's an 07. I debated on the xc or the xc-w and found a great deal on the xc. I love it! having less hit in the power band is much better off road when traction is bad. It accually is faster because the power comes on earlier out of a corner.
  14. XRrider62

    Finally rode it

    I think I've got the jetting pretty good. By design this motor pulls better on the bottom and less on top. You've got to give a little to get a little. I was also very pleased with the mileage. I was at a good pace, not really race pace, but still moving, and I did a 45 mile loop on a little less than 1.5 gallons. That puts my total range at 80 to 90 miles at a trail pace.
  15. XRrider62

    Finally rode it

    Yes, I was riding single track. To be honest, I think a lower 1st gear would be a waste. I felt like I had options in the gears. Not to gappy and could maintain a steady pull.