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  1. you could gently bend in the first 1/16" with a Crescent wrench. should not take much.
  2. watched some vintage trials today. some really cool old thumpers there. first pic is a '47 Indian hardtail.
  3. only have carb and pipe. it will clutch up in 3rd gear. fun hoolimuter.
  4. even though i have a plated 450x, the DRZ is still my favorite all-around bike.
  5. been running my sm for about a year tubeless.
  6. latest cycle.
  7. i hope the cottonwood stuff did not come out of your motor.
  8. finally installed tach. done guessing.
  9. rear shock 11 clicks out.
  10. fsm says compression 7 clicks out.
  11. after reading many threads about the 450x clutch being draggy and grabby, just decided to put a new one in. ordered the OEM kit from Rocky Mtn ATV. excellent deal. rode around the yard and it is smooth as buttah. some of the old steel plates looked burned.
  12. get FCRMX. has overflow drain, unlike the crap stock carb. all too common problem.
  13. had to use a bright flashlight and dental pick to get the oring out of mine. 2 orings could cause some of your problems. also am running an EMS needle on 4th groove. bike just has FMF pipe and 3x3. same jets as you.
  14. BLDH is building a KTM sumo. just got some sweet wheels w/cush drive. his riding videos are epic.
  15. possible plastic oil pump idler gear damaged? 16321-29F00