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  1. PB240

    Post Beta for sale from anywhere here

    Picture of 2015 500RS. 1649 miles.
  2. PB240

    Post Beta for sale from anywhere here

    I just don't seem to ride my bike anymore.Riding much more single track lately on another bike that I own.Bike has front and rear brake rotor protectors. 3.1 gallon IMS gas tank. Larger rear shock spring. Beta clutch slave protector. Stock seat and 1 inch taller seat Concepts seat. Several red bling items. Very detailed maintenance records. I am struggling with getting pictures. I can email if someone wants them.
  3. PB240

    Post Beta for sale from anywhere here

    2015 500RS. 1649 miles. 57 hrs. Many extras. Well maintained. Rochester NY. $7500. jimmeyer@frontiernet.net
  4. PB240

    Clutch and oil side case covers

    There's nothing at Beta USA.
  5. Hello everyone: Hope summer going well for everyone. Does anyone have a good source to purchase side motor case covers for my 15 500RS ?
  6. PB240

    45 T sprocket

    Hawaiidirtrider This is what I'm doing. I have my stock 15 wheel, with a 50 tooth sprocket and it has knobby tire on it. It is my single track clay soil tire. Used wheel that I purchased from Dave has Kenda KL270 on it and I would like to put a 45 tooth sprocket on it. This will be my Fire rode and seasonal uses road tire and wheel package. I hope this clears up everything up for you
  7. PB240

    45 T sprocket

    Rotax You are correct on the old style Hub measurement. 156mm. That is what I have and that is the sprocket size that I am looking for. I can tell you a sprocket off of a 2007 KTM 500 EXC will not fit it is the same sprocket that would fit on my 15. Thank you for your comments.
  8. PB240

    45 T sprocket

    I'm not asking Dave Turner because he is 4 hours out of my time zone so I won't be able to ask him until the day is over on Monday for me. I would like to use Monday to utilize it to find a sprocket
  9. PB240

    45 T sprocket

    I never said I don't know what bike is it. The rim will fit my 15 500 RS ok
  10. PB240

    45 T sprocket

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for a sprocket for my Beta. I have an upcoming ride on April 13th I'll explain what's happening. I purchased a used rim with a sprocket and brake rotor from Dave Turner. When I went to put my 45 tooth sprocket on from my 2015 500 RS it didn't fit around the hub. The hub is slightly larger in diameter. When you place the 50 tooth sprocket next to the 45 tooth sprocket, the inside of the sprocket is designed differently. Obviously my used rim is something older than a 2015. I don't know what year that could be. It can't be too old because it's in nice shape. I was wondering if anyone has the knowledge of what other manufacturer sprocket may fit this hub? I'd like to go around to the local motorcycle dealers and see if I can find something. My local Beta dealer is several hours away. Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. I traded my 300rr for a 15 500rs. And removed them from my 300 planning on putting them on the 500. Which they would not work on. So up for sale they go.
  12. Enduro Engineering Radiator guards and braces. Not even 1 yr. old. Guard is Black Part # 11-400 and #12-400. Came off a 300RR. Two screw holes on the braces needs to be re tapped. And I don't have all the small screws that hold everything together. Missing 4 of them. See pic's in post below. jimmeyer@frontiernet.net Asking $ 110.00. Buyer pays for the shipping.
  13. PB240

    Steering stabilizer

    Would it be safe to say that Scott, Ohlins and GPR are all good products and worth purchasing.