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  1. jschner

    Looking for riding buddies in Yuma AZ

    Rode the Laguna area a couple times by Mittry. https://www.relive.cc/view/rt10002545525 Also Rode the AZPT from Yuma with one other rider who was not a local. Made it to Quartzite, Bouse, Lake Havasu, Parker and got as far as Topock before my friends bike developed issues. So much washboard in the washes that was insane. We got about 400mi of good riding in. Planning a ride to Ajo on Jan 5th with a local rider. We will have someone leave fuel at some half way point for us. You can get a free pass online now https://yuma.isportsman.net/
  2. jschner

    Looking for riding buddies in Yuma AZ

    Thinking about leaving my house around 8:30a, I could meet you at the Fortuna Wash where it goes under the freeway at 9a if that works for you.
  3. jschner

    Looking for riding buddies in Yuma AZ

    I heard about the Picacho area. Been meaning to try that out. I'm over off 6E area. I did 50miles Thanksgiving morning riding over to the Fortuna wash and then out to Blaisdell and Mittry. So many trails out that way. I saw some singletrack but it looked like for mountain bikes. I lightly tread a few sections but didn't want to mess up the smooth trails. I was by myself and didn't want to slide down one of the hills either and miss Thanksgiving dinner. I'm probably going to try that area again this Friday, maybe try to make it out to Fisher's Landing and back. Prepping my bike for Dec 3rd when two of us will ride the AZPT loop.
  4. jschner

    2014+ LED Headlight DIY.

    So far so good, but I need to do more testing on that. The ultra hd tube material is very thick, so it holds the light bracket in there tight. Plus the H4 bracket is in a position in the housing where it has almost zero play to move at all in any direction.
  5. Wanted to install a LED headlight in my 2014 450XCW and not a lot of options out there. I'm sure the Cyclops is awesome but $90 seems like a lot. I searched Amazon for a low profile LED and there are a couple options. I chose this one. LINK Below is my step by step how I installed it. Took about 30 minutes. Here is the box, comes with two, meant for cars and trucks. Site claim is 25W and 5000 lumens. Not sure if accurate. Even if it is 3000 lumens it is very bright and has great distance. Comparison with stock bulb - low profile fan and H4 bracket. I cut a square of Ultra Heavy Duty tube and took the H4 bracket off and drew a circle for the center hole. I then used the hard plastic light cover and drew a circle for the tabs. I cut out the center and sliced the areas where the tabs were and it worked first time in holding the H4 bracket in place. I added a very thin piece of rubber between the H4 bracket and housing as you can see in the hole it's not perfectly centered. I simply plugged the light in to the stock connector and mounted the hard cover off to the side with a zip tie. LED light is removable and you can rotate it easily. LED has a lot of friction in the H4 bracket so it won't rotate on it's own. Everything ready to mount. I would probably cut a larger square to hold the silver tube in more tightly. I'll try it as is but might have to zip tie it or cut a new piece of rubber. LED in the housing. You can see the small black thin rubber washer. Yes my lens has a lot of scratches. Came that way from the person I bought it from. Looks like it might have flipped over a trailer is my guess on how they got there. Bike had new grips Tusk fluid covers on the bars. No scratches on cables though. Hmm. The money shot, plenty of clearance turned full left. Turned full right side. Light on! I'll try to get some night shots of the pattern and distance. I also have a hi/lo switch coming so I can see how that compares So far it works very well. Light pattern is OK and the distance seem much improved over stock. Pattern might be too high for street, I need to mess with low beam and rotating the LED. Also need to abuse it and see if it is reliable. If it fails then I have a spare and I can easily revert back to the stock setup. Not bad for $31.
  6. jschner

    Looking for riding buddies in Yuma AZ

    I know there has to be some riding around here but honestly, I'm not sure where it is at yet. Might need to hit up Geoff and find the good spots to ride. It would be interesting to try some single track around there parts even if it is just sand, silt and rocks.
  7. jschner

    Looking for riding buddies in Yuma AZ

    Good to see some dirt bikes exist in Yuma. Moved here a year ago, still trying to figure the place out. I see mostly side by sides here, they are everywhere. Rarely see dirt bikes. Not sure if there is an actual dirt bike club in the area, if so it is very stealth. I found a couple people locally that ride. We are planning on riding the AZPT loop this December. Looking forward to that and discovering any single track along the way.
  8. In Baja about six of us used 2-liter soda bottles, 62 ounces. If you want, you can use a 1-liter bottle. They even make 2.5l bottle. Mine was Ginger Ale. Put it in a small backpack, ride a bit and empty it into the tank. Super light, no leaks, no issues, incredibly durable and inexpensive.
  9. jschner

    KTM 450 XC-W (2014)


  10. jschner

    KTM 450 XC-W 2014

  11. jschner

    baja pictures

    A few years back. Someone forgot their moto pants.
  12. jschner

    Cannondale E440 2002

    Fuel injected, PDS shock, reverse head, years ahead of others and still runs. Needed a few modes but after that, I can't even kill it riding in Baja with less than half the water in the radiator. Fun bike.
  13. jschner

    Cannondale E440 (2002)


    Fuel injected, PDS shock, reverse head, years ahead of others and still runs. Needed a few modes but after that, I can't even kill it riding in Baja with less than half the water in the radiator. Fun bike.
  14. jschner

    Looking at a 2014 KTM 450XCW

    I ended up getting the bike for $5500. Only 45hrs on it and only minor scratches on the case and headlight. It practically looks new. Definitely not laid down hard if it was laid down. Maybe over paid a bit, not sure, but it has a ton of extras like IMS 3.1 tank, tall seat, FMF4.1, Tusk pegs, new Renthal chain and sprockets, Scotts dampener, new IT Desert tires and HD tubes, PM billet kickstand, the list goes on. Previous owner said it was setup for 190-lbs and I'm at 195# with gear so that is close. Comparing prices, this looks right in there for all the mods. Ride is silky smooth. First and second are very low geared so I hope that helps in the rocks. Jury is still out if that gearing will be as useful as I hope it will be. I'm 5' 10" and the seat is tall, but the bike does not feel tall when riding. It has everything I need on it, ready to ride. Just need to log some hours and get to know this bike better, when it is not 110 degrees out.
  15. jschner

    Looking at a 2014 KTM 450XCW

    Thanks for the tips.