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  1. Thanks guys. That's a big relief I had just never heard them that loud before. Cheers.
  2. That's what it looks like to me but its a very loud knock. Would it also do it if you're low in rpms as well?
  3. Hey guys I traded for a 04 crf250r recently and I noticed some very noticeable knocking at very low rpms and when kicking it over. I pulled the valve cover, it's only around top dead center and it does it turning it over back and forth. It sounds perfect when it's running just when you let it almost stall out it sounds like hell almost like the chain is slapping? And it is quite a noise just kicking it over... any ideas? Thanks
  4. I just picked up a 2000 rm80 that needs a top end and the guy who had it before was more of a rider than a maintainer. I myself like to take care of my machines. I was looking around on the web for a service manual for these 80's and couldn't find any. There are plenty of 85 service manuals, i've heard they're not much difference so would these 85 manuals work? What are the major differences?
  5. Hey! So I finally got around to checking the reeds lol. I noticed one of the flaps has a couple small pieces chipped out of it and isn't closing all the way and you can see a little bit of light shining through it. I'm probably going to order new reeds, any suggestions? Mostly trail riding and pit riding. Wanna try out a track some day but not planning on racing this bike.. Thanks!
  6. Yeah I don't think I'm all that interested anyways... If I did trade for another bike it would be a 250 2t or 450 4t...
  7. I have a 99 cr125, Has a fresh top end and fmf pipe and silencer, factory connection suspension. I got offered to trade a 2005 rmz 250 that apparently doesn't kick start because of a bad timing chain? Says it jump starts and runs and goes good. Said he has the new timing chain to go with it just needs to be installed. He said the timing chain in it is loose and needs the new one installed and lined up to kickstart? Any opinions?
  8. It's a wiseco and I'm positive it's in the right way, I checked when i took the pipe off. I'll get to the reeds and check out the silencer when I get a chance.
  9. Seems a lot better now. Still not perfect as far as acceleration but I'll play with the air screw a bit. I can actually shift going uphill now haha. Thanks for the help!
  10. Okay yeah you have to push it back in with your finger after revving it. I have the bike stored somewhere else so I will try it tomorrow. I appreciate the help!
  11. So I messed with the jetting a bit and went off the honda manual and that didn't work. What is the power valve supposed to do? It is opening when I rev the bike but it doesn't seem to snap all the way back in.. Also now that I'm getting used to the bike I'm noticing it bogging more even in higher gears if I give it too much throttle. I'm at a loss.
  12. It sounds like I'm trying to go from idle to wide every time I take off and I look like a dumbass. I don't really know how to explain it anymore, am I supposed to just have it screaming and dump the clutch every time i take off? It's basically impossible to take off if it's uphill at all. Like I said before this could normal I have no idea haha
  13. So I've had my 99 cr125 for a couple weeks and I absolutely love it. The top end blew up the day after I got it and I had to rebuild it so I figured I would give it a carb clean while I had it apart and was waiting for parts. It already wasn't idling right. So it started first kick after the rebuild I just had to mess with the idle screw after but was running great. Problem with it is it's very hard taking off and still doesn't idle right.. I have to ride the clutch for a while taking off with it. Bogs quite a bit. Has tons of medium and top end power however though. Just taking off or barely moving.. Id also like to say that this bike is my first 2 stroke or even motocross bike so this could be completely normal for all I know haha. Also I'm running 35:1 and I noticed the throttle cable is rusted on one spot so it's probably stretched but still had plenty of pull when I took the carb off. I know there are probably 1000 different things that could be wrong with it but I'm just looking for some first opinions/ thoughts... My guess is adjusting the jetting. Thanks!
  14. Took the top end off and the piston and rings were broken... Parts jammed inside the crankcase, got them all cleaned out for the most part gonna run some gas and oil through it to clean the rest of it out
  15. Yeah I'm gonna check the bottom end out in a little bit.
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