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  1. Oh, okay. Well I didn't end up getting the yz, I got a kx125 cause it was only 15 minutes away rather than the yz being 2 hours. No problems so far
  2. Wow, well I won't be doing any dunes so I think I'll be fine
  3. Nice! Oh I should've mentioned that what I mainly ride is single tracks/ trails. With a few decent sized jumps. Trails aren't that technical, just a few steep short hills.
  4. Sweet, thanks. I should probably ask when the last topend was done
  5. Hey I'm looking to get a yz125. There is a 1998 that has a few aftermarket parts (pipe, silencer, grapics, spoke skins, off the top of my head) the guy wants $1300 does this sound like a good deal?
  6. I'm about 5'7" 140 I currently have a crf150f and am looking to get a 2 stroke. There are a lots of 125's and 250's in my area what should I go for? I mostly ride trails
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