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    Ride, Work on dirtbikes, play the piano and weight training.
  1. ThumpItGood

    green ridge this weekend

    Leaving early tomorrow morning and staying til Monday, Anyone else going to be down there?
  2. ThumpItGood

    admission of defeat

    glad I'm not the only one. I have the same exact problem and symptoms on my 1987 XR250. Yes the lines only have to be parallel as the manual says. I have a brand new stator on too but its all good. I don't know what else to do carb is in good shape new spark coil and stator. I'm going to try and did into it a little more tomorrow and maybe ill have results
  3. ThumpItGood

    My new old bike

    Ill have some pictures later on today or tomorrow I sandblasted and painted some of the small stuff and its turning out pretty nice. Does anybody Know if the 1980 XT250 gas tank is Red or white because the tank that is good is off the 82 but the one that came on the complete bike has been repainted. Im trying to make things as original as possible... This should be fun.
  4. ThumpItGood

    Ok So I need help with my stator

    Nope its never been seized. Hopefully I'll be able to mess with it tomorrow, Ill let you know how it goes or ill be asking for more help!
  5. ThumpItGood

    My new old bike

    Sounds nice, did you do the restore yourself? Im heading up to a auto supply store to try and match the Red up on the tank. Do you know where I could get a decal kit? Thanks
  6. ThumpItGood

    Ok So I need help with my stator

    On timing do I need to also look the piston or when The T Mark is lined up its at tdc?
  7. ThumpItGood

    My new old bike

    So I was on craigslist and was just looking to see what was up and I spotted a 1980 XT250. Not the prettiest one around but in decent shape and running. Called the guy and got it for cheap. This week Im on ebay and find another on but more of a parts bike with a nice tank got all that stuff. Im planning on restoring the first one to brand new condition. I have almost all the necessary parts except lights, speedometer and a few small things. I started taking the parts bike apart and Im sandblasting and painting what I need. Can't wait The first pictures are the bike with out any fenders I took them off and Im probably wet sanding and going to clean them up real good So far Im not even upto $150 with buying the bike and parts bike:thumbsup:
  8. ThumpItGood

    Ok So I need help with my stator

    Thanks I got the spark and light problem figured out, now i have to figure out timing this thing. It's funny because I used the manual and it wasn't too clear and then I log on here and someone else had the same problem I had when timing it. Hopefully it will be running by monday
  9. ThumpItGood

    Ok So I need help with my stator

    I bought a stator about a year back from ricky stator and after doing a new top end on my 87 xr250 I realize that the wires on the stator are all different colors then on the bike. If someone knows what goes where or has a stock xr stator that can show me what original wires go where and maybe I could go from there. I tried it the way I thought it went and no spark no head light, I just replaced the coil for the spark plug but im thinking there is another problem between the stator and coil maybe the cdi? Thanks
  10. ThumpItGood

    water fuel? what?

    I want to try it for the hell of it but don't want to screw anything up... I think it might be time to get the old lawn mower running to test on maybe..
  11. http://www.mpgaccelerator.com/ I don't know if I can even believe that
  12. ThumpItGood

    performance chip for $8.29 on ebay

    I see them all the time, once I bought one for my s-10. All it is, is a simple resistor that makes the engine think the air is cooler and makes it run richer. I actually found out it was a stupid little resistor and sold some for the heck of it . but the numbers are bs and you will get worse mileage.
  13. I used that and it wasn't nothing great. So I went and got this stuff in a yellow can called Zip Strip and that stuff is really good for taking the paint off something.
  14. ThumpItGood

    Post Pictures of your Tinted Windows

    I tint on the side I do alot of 35% (legal limit here) On the yellow truck its 35% and 5% on the back On the Harley truck its 35% on the front and factory rear The volvo is 35% The van is also 35% Theres alot more I just dont feel like adding them all to photo bucket
  15. ThumpItGood

    Bulking up

    Im in the same situation, Pretty much between school and work and everything else my day involves its hard to find time to lift. I always heard bee pollen helped out, so I tried that and its not too bad. I've noticed a improvement in my strength pretty quickly.