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    kid, surfing, super street fighter moto
  1. Heavy650


    Got a '92 DR650. Any lighter and smaller rear hub options out there for this dinosaur with cush drive? I guess I could dump the cush drive. My piss off gears sprocket ect.
  2. Heavy650

    Psi Pilot Power

    Damn, I was down to 24/26 psi and w\ an all ready flexy carcass, they were rollin all over the place, so I thought. Trying the unthinkable 32\30 psi
  3. Heavy650

    Is 35 old?

    I'm over the hill but butt holes and boobies will allways be funny.
  4. Heavy650

    Psi Pilot Power

    So my bike is around 300+ lbs, old DR650, and I'm 200 lbs, (thats 500 lbs total) and the max is 520 lbs at 42 psi on Pilot Powers, sounds like I should be running 38 or 40 psi. Kind of high. What you think? Yea, I read all the psi threads, still no answer.
  5. Heavy650

    Tire Pressure

    Picked up some Pilot Powers. I'll say the bike is at 310ish LBS, and I'm 6'3" and 200 LBS. Tried different PSI's but haven't found the keeper yet. Street only Tard. With these specs , what PSI are you guys runnin?
  6. Heavy650

    Post photos of your DR 650 supermoto

    Found a post on posting at TT. Too much of a pain in the ass. oh well. One less DR650 1992 picture with all the standard mods plus more
  7. Heavy650

    Post photos of your DR 650 supermoto

    ummmm how do you post a pic on this site???
  8. Heavy650

    Buying a new shock...I hope

    My shock on a '92 DR650 dose not rebound. had a leak fix a long time ago. dont want to revalve. Look ing to buy a new shock on the cheap. Any one here got an old one or know of a shock that would fit.ie; sv or bandit???
  9. Heavy650


    Not on my PC.
  10. Heavy650

    A few Motard conversion questions...

    I tarted my '92 DR650. Cant put the back rim on the front due to holes on front hub dont match the back wheel. I bet a Bandit mignt fit for a new front all though I have never seen one. Lace "17's to your stock hubs and your done.Buchannon Wheel and spoke can do the job or East Coast Wheel or Motostrano. Good luck
  11. Heavy650


    So ,,,did "Sprocket Specislist" shut down????
  12. Heavy650


    Whats up with jesse at Kientech? The web site is not cumming up.
  13. Heavy650

    dyno jet???

    Whats the differance between just jetting up to Dyno jets specs, spending only a few bucks, or getting the Dyno Jet kit, $50ish.?
  14. Heavy650

    Supertrapp repacking ?

    no fix for loud super trapp that i know of
  15. Heavy650

    Dump the air box ?

    The bike likes open air. So more could be good..? Maybe move the battery box forward for more Central gravity. And it looks cool. Broke my collar bone doing a stand up wheelie, that I don't know how to do, at all. I got time to Kill.