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  1. OK thanks I'm waiting on my JD Jetting kit
  2. Could I cut my 3x3 without doing the jets or would it mess up things
  3. @blakestree Yeah I know all about Florida but man its gets hot... But anyways Yeah I think I'll go with the JD Jetting kit sound better. I been search for about a week now on which one to get. Luck you GavMac it's been blazin hot there I live there for 3 years and I got not take it lol but guys for helping
  4. So JD Jetting kit would be a choice? Blakestree your JD kit came like that or after you put on your bike
  5. Looking to Re-jetting my suzuki DR-Z400S and can't figure out what mod to use JD Jetting kit or Dynojet Stage 1. And would and have to do any changes to my bike
  6. I'm not going to buy it don't want to take the chance lol
  7. Thanks guys I got it.... And thanks for the help
  8. What's the worst that could happen if it is stolen I don't think it Is though
  9. Sorry everlast don't mean drag it on lol... X_JT_x I met could I use engine oil for cars or do I have to buy the kind for dirtbike?
  10. You talking motor oil or engine oil?
  11. What kind oil should I use for my bike?
  12. I have to try that... I have my tank off now it's pretty much clean was going to go out tomorrow and wash it out again than is what I did was I got all the water out and took blow dry to it. Now with the gas and my crab clean I just hope it fixes my shutting off problem... I did also take off the kickstand sensor and the clutch sensor so now if I hit bump or something it want kill my engine
  13. What would be the worst-case if I ran it with my tank the way it is. I mean it's not alot at all its just around my gas cap not all the way in my tank?
  14. I took apart the carburetor cleaned it out pretty good and man the gunk that was in my fuel line. Chooken am thinking that's what it is but I also have a little rust in my tank and all that gunk was was in there. I also took my gas tank off wash it out with some soap water and bolts and bbs thin I took blow dryer to the tank to get the water out. It's been sitting for few days now. Would it hurt to shoot some Seafoam in my tank?
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