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  1. MatimotoF1

    DR800 Big "almost" no spark

    Thank you for your answer. I will keep looking for the info I need.
  2. MatimotoF1

    DR800 Big "almost" no spark

    Dear Friends. I have the following problem. I have a Dr800 1993 SR43A which has a very faint spark, I'm trying to see if a) is that possible? I mean there should be a spark or not, but I had never seen a weak spark problem. b) if the stator is bad. According to the service manual I have the colors do not match with those on the bike, apparently the manual should refer to a different model or the 750. The other problem I have is that honestly i dont know much of vehicle electronics then I do not know how to measure the values that the multitester gives me. I made a video with what he is giving me. the picture is the correct colors according to my bike. Has anyone this information too? I hope some of you can help me. I hope everyone has a very good weekend. Thank you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNRHvdWkWrM
  3. MatimotoF1

    bike not start please help

    Today start at the first kick..... really i don't know!! weird ... but i'm totally agree with you.. i will change the plug for a new one for sure... thank you for your answer
  4. MatimotoF1

    bike not start please help

    Dear Friends, I have a 2009 CRF 450R Today I try to do ride my bike but did not start, the fuel pump resulting in a very strong squirt fuel, pulled the plug and see a very weak spark, I've never seen a spark of this type of spark plugs but I guess I should be stronger . a couple of days ago I washed the bike with wahser pressure trying to be careful with electrical connections. this bike has never had any fault of not wanting to turn any electrical or failsI I appreciate your OPINION, SO I UNDERSTAND THE BIKE IS WEAK SPARK ... is there any way to check the conections with a multitester and a 12v battery but without the hrc tool wich is very expensive and i dont have? sorry for the caps but i dont know how to replace the text with lowercase. the translator is very basic. Thank You very much for your time Matias
  5. MatimotoF1

    LEDs without changing the stator?

    Thank You
  6. Dear friends sorry if this has been asked before but I coughed searched this forum and could not find the answer to what I want to know is if you can install a system of LED lights in a 2009 EFI CRF450R without necessarily changing the stator of this bike , I can not believe that the electric system is not able of powering an LED headlights and tail since the LEDs consumption is very low. I understand that someone on this board was able to do it but the only thing that comment was that he feed the LEDs from positive injector . He did not elaborate . I watched in Baja designs and they have a LED light system plug and play without changing the stator, the problem is that is very expensive and where I live it is impossible to import . so I have no choice but to do it myself. Hope you can give me some input. Thank you very much
  7. MatimotoF1

    CRF450r Decompression mod video. (flameout cure)

    Hello Guys. I'm looking forward to do this decompression mod. but since I'm not have regular access to parts here i have to think forward and buy the parts prior to do the job. do you guys have any info about that the decomp spring for the 2009 CRF has two different codes? one is stiffer than the other? Thank you guys!
  8. MatimotoF1

    Known Failures?

    Hello Guys! A friend asked me to go see a bike for him, it’s a Suzuki RMZ 450 of 2008 , I had that bike but many years ago I have not ride in one, I want to know what are the points of attention that I see in this model , what are the most known failures that you know this bike ? I apologize if this has been answered before. Sorry for my English
  9. MatimotoF1

    2013 CRF450r Countershaft Bearing Failure

    you have the engine apart...change that piston and rings...the same size... you don't hone that cylinder...
  10. MatimotoF1

    2009 Crf 450r Enduro Mods

    definitely valving the suspension
  11. MatimotoF1

    2013 CRF450r Countershaft Bearing Failure

    for me the process of remove the bearings and seals was relatively easy... with a simple tap most of them came out but the bearing of the crank of the left side was a pain in #$%s.... for the installation was very easy too. I put the bearings on plastic bags on the freezer 24 hours and the cases on the oven for 25 minutes ( be careful they came very very hot ) and then the bearings just slide in their seats without any effort. the other tool that i need to use was the clutch basket holder and off course a torque wrench. i don't know if the ´09 manual ( i have ) is the same as the ´13
  12. MatimotoF1

    2013 CRF450r Countershaft Bearing Failure

    you will need a stator nut puller!
  13. MatimotoF1

    2013 CRF450r Countershaft Bearing Failure

    i had the exact same problem.... the previous owner tight the chain too much and all the tension rest on that bearing. is not an Honda issue...it's a owner issue!! the process for change that bearing was very simple. i change all the engine and transmission bearings and seals, also piston rings and clips, seals, gaskets ( cilinder, cases, etc ). i had to replace the 4th gear since it was in a very bad condition as a result of smacking a bearing ball that came loose.
  14. MatimotoF1

    Led lights on a R?

    Wow that's GREAT! can you tell us how did you do that? Please! Thank you guys!
  15. MatimotoF1

    Led lights on a R?

    Dear friends, I have a question, there is the possibility of installing LED lights on the crf 450R ? without having to add a new stator ? you can feed the LED lights from another power line that already exists on the bike ? the option for rewound or change the stator for a new one it's too expensive here :-) Thank You Guys! MatimotoF1