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  1. wr250f_gixxer

    Rebroke rib after 6w. Need to race in 3w. OK?

    Thanx a million DrMark! Both for the answer and the good new. I’ll take you lead and participate in the race.
  2. Tjenare DrMark & everyone I just rebroke my rib with a sneeze after breaking it 6 weeks ago at the track.The main event of the year is in 3 weeks. Can I at least participate without damage my self to much? Background I have not been a good convalescent during these 6 weeks. I did 30-60 min around the track after 3 weeks and it was rather ok until I feel. Don’t think I damaged the ribs in the fall, just got banged up a bit. A week latter my kid jumped on my ribcage. It hurt but probably no damage. After 6 weeks I sneezed and heard a loud crack and several crunching sound followed by a real sharp pain that have not subdued in 6h, i.e. rib rebroken. (Will verify latter) I would very much like to at least participate in a race in 3 weeks. The problem is that the race is muddy, slippery and rocky with 2500 participants and lasts for 4h. So the likely hood of falling is 100% and the probability for “multi bike crashes” is at best moderate no matter how careful I am. So… Can I participate? Assuming I ride like an old lady will the rib hold up for a few normal low speed crashes? Will a third break in 9 weeks be a problem? Can I do anything so speed up recovery? (eat calcium, rest, do pushups, ..)? I realize that participating is not the brightest of things to do but I’ve been looking forward to this all year. The closest info I found in this section were wato “how long before i'm ok to ride again , I know it depends on how bad it is but i'm just after a rough guide . “ DrMark “Keep up your cardio, expect the rib to keep talking back to you for about a month.” PS I’m sorry to note that there will not be any more data from me to you research DrMark, at least not for a while. DS
  3. wr250f_gixxer

    The best mud tire?

    Thank you guys for your input. I would love a pair of Trelleborg but even though the city of Trelleborg only is located 10miles from me I can't get any (manufacturing outsourced to Mitas). There are no retailers for summer tires, only winter tires. As for IRC, the retailer in Sweden only seams to carry the VE 35 model, so unfortunately that is not an option. So.... the consensus, based on availability for me, would be S12. I'll place an order for a set of them asap. Now that the hard part is done, all I have to do is run the race
  4. wr250f_gixxer

    The best mud tire?

    Excellent tip, thank you. I'd completely missed the Maxxis SM tire.
  5. wr250f_gixxer

    Why do u ride????

    Hummm.... I ride for several reasons, all of them good * I'm lazy and need a fun way to exercise in order to motivate myself * I love to ride bikes and dirtbikes are safer then a GSX-r1000 and you can push harder * Relive stress * Get time away from work, kids & wife The only drawback is the constant cleaning of the gear... Or maybe I'm just not rich enough ;-)
  6. wr250f_gixxer

    The best mud tire?

    Hello everyone I’m entering an extremely muddy completion (GGN, Gotland Grand National) and since Stefan Everts also just entered I need the best mud tire that I can get my hands on. I’ve done a lot of googeling and come up with the following list of possible candidates. So now I ask you; witch tire should I get? Michelin S12 Metzeler MC4 Dunlop D773 Pirelli SCORPION MX Soft 410 Kenda Trakmaster II M7312 SI Maxxis 120/100-R18 M7311 SI Maxxis 80/100-R21 The race is 3h + one lap so the tires have to last for at least 4h. Pics of the muddiness to give you an idée
  7. wr250f_gixxer

    Jumping my street legal XR 650R

    Depressing.... You look better on a 650 then I do on a 250f. I really need to get more seat time...
  8. wr250f_gixxer

    Oil change every 20-25h -> dont buy???

    Thank you all very much for your input, it were extremely helpful. The engine sounded and felt good and he claimed that it looked great when he changed the piston, in spite of the infrequent oil changes. Apart from the oil the following were sub standard Frame dented under foot pegs Break pedal wobbly and dented tip. Broken plastic over the silencer Worn sprockets and chain Minor crack in radiator - home fixed, some dents He had a zerk on the frame, on the "pipe" that is at the very front of the frame. It were located on the left side, 2-3 inches down from the top. He claimed that it worked very well. He did not loosen any bolts before squirting in the grease. He also had zerks on the swingarm. I can try to get a picture of it if any one is interested and I can report ones the bearings are inspected. Here it is looking worse then normal since it rained the hole day before I test drove it.
  9. wr250f_gixxer

    Oil change every 20-25h -> dont buy???

    Forgot to mention that you have made a really great site . Thank yo very mutch for your efforts!!! I spent most of last night reading through it, and I'm now actually glad that my Husaberg was stolen since I did not mesure that valve clearence the way you describe so my adjustments must have been way off.
  10. wr250f_gixxer

    Oil change every 20-25h -> dont buy???

    Thanks a lot for that site. Hummm... I never knew that oil where that interesting. I gave up looking at that site after 30min, still not any wiser. Those guys are really into oil...
  11. wr250f_gixxer

    Oil change every 20-25h -> dont buy???

    Excellent points of view! Thank you. It had lapsed my mind that the clutch would be a big culpit in the degradation of the oil. If I understand you correclly you think 20hrs is to mutch and recommend aginst purchase. Grease nipple; that was the word I was looking for! Still I think that “vent to insert grease into the stearhead bearing” has it's charm to.... I know that "people that should know" have put a grease nipple at the swingarm. I'll check with him and get back to you. Mmm... true. But here in sweden there are currently only 9 450Fs listed for sale by private persons at the, with out comparison, biggest site. But never the less your observation is very valid. It semas that you are not alone to ride those hours. This guy have ridden the bike more aggresily then that since I know that he has finished rather high in the ranks at our county / state amateur series for +40 year olds.
  12. wr250f_gixxer

    Oil change every 20-25h -> dont buy???

    Thanks all *) He have not been baying it with regards to rideing it. *) He has probably been babying it some what with regards to taking care of it. Except the oil changes in question. *) Have called him 3 times to day so I'll have to take the oil brand question latter. *) Intresting to hear that other people does 20/30hrs of enduro before changing the oil with out problems. *) He is guessing 100-120hrs. I.e. no hour meater. but hes been running "a lot" of local competitions where they time you so he should not be that far off.
  13. wr250f_gixxer

    Oil change every 20-25h -> dont buy???

    "Yes frequient oil changes are better but I doubt changing oil 20-25 hrs did any dammage. If the guy seems like he knows what he is doing then go for it." Ok, nice to here one voice that thinks it's ok with 25hrs. I thought that every one would say for heavens sake no! So you dont think it's a problem to change the oil 2 times a year (50hrs / year)? "so this bike has only had 4 or 5 oil changes in its life?" Just called him and asked - and yes; He changes it's oil every 20-25 hrs. He says that the service manual is for factory riders and that 20hrs is safe. I mentioned that people usally change every 5-10hrs. Responce: It's up to them. This is the way I do it and it has worked fine for me and the guys I ride with. As a side not it can be mentioned that he changes the air filter every time he has ridden it. Inconsequent? In my appinion yes, but the question is if its likley that there has been any damage done by it. I.e. buy or skipp it?
  14. wr250f_gixxer

    Oil change every 20-25h -> dont buy???

    Thank you, I'll try that. Any other oppinions???
  15. Question: How important is frequent oil change? I’m in the market for a used bike and found a WR250 -05 where everything looks good except one thing. The owner claims to have changed the oil every 20-25h! Does this mean that the bike is not worth a second look or what? Please advice. The really strange thing is that the owner seams to be very serious about his bike in every other aspect. • 100-120 hour doing medium advanced enduro. • Changed piston • Changed 3 cam chains!!! (claims he don’t want engine failure) • Change air filter after every ride • Checked the valves regulary • Aluminum tank • New clamp • Steering damper • Custom spring and forks, internals • 3 sets of rims • CRD exhaust, radiator shield, engine shield • Higher saddle • Drilled a “vent to insert grease into the stearhead bearing”. I.e. don’t have to break it down to grease the bearing • And the list goes on with things he have done So why have he not changed the oil??? Do he know something that I don’t? Can it really be ok to change the oil that infrequent? Grateful for fast answers since it’s time to buy to day. A pic of the bike in question if anyone is interested