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  1. Looks good to me. I hardly see any boot wear on the frame and cases. Good sign.
  2. I have one coming Wednesday. Can't wait to try it out.
  3. You might get more feedback if you start a new topic on gearing. Just my two cents.
  4. dillsley

    Procom CDI Review

    I'm tempted to get the Procom but after watching a YouTube video where some guys 230 blew up because he claims there was no rev limiter on the unit? Then Vortec posted this so I guess I'm confused. "According to Procom's website it increases the rev limiter from 9,800 RPM to 10,000 RPM." I just want to be safe in case I go down and can't get the kill button in time before it gernades? Is this unit safe and does it have a rev limit that my motor can handle?
  5. Someone posted that he used something off an XR50 that mounted up perfectly to a Pro Com unit. I'll look on eBay but don't know exactly what to put in the search box. Anybody have any other ideas other than zip ties? Did a search here as well.
  6. Just curious on how well they work and how hot they are? Right now I'm using a chest protector and elbow protectors. I'm wondering if the jackets offer better protection. Update: I tried on a Leatt Adventurer today and man that thing is not light. I get you have a lot of areas protected but you sure pay a price for it.
  7. dillsley

    CRF250F how its made

    Excellent riding. The couple times he stopped he was breathing pretty heavy. I'd have been done about 10 minutes out. Definitely sounded uncorked.
  8. dillsley

    Air filters: UNI vs. TwinAir

    Nobody here using UNI cleaner and oil? Seems to work for me.
  9. So can I assume that in Mike Coe's statement he is referring to the stock needle as the '03-'05 needle because the '06 and up needle has only two slots for adjustments? What is the accessory needle he's talking about?
  10. I have a 2015 CRF230F and have re-jetted to a 120 main 48 pilot uncorked. To get optimum performance I thought I should also change the needle but which one, the power up needle, the '03-'05 needle or just leave it stock. I don't ride in the winter and usually ride sea level up to 500 feet. I have read past posts on this but come away a bit confused on which is correct. Bike runs well so maybe I should leave it alone? "If it ain't broke don't fix it"
  11. I don't get it so someone please enlighten me. If you go to Honda's website they show the 2019 230 as the same old version that been around forever so why would they make both a 230 and a 250 and why wouldn't they market the 250 version here in the states? I would think there would be a big market here for the 250. I know I'm missing something here.
  12. Does anybody think that Honda ie dealers, reps, whoever, looks at these forums and considers what would make their bike better? I hope so. ,
  13. Any idea why they listed it to fit only 2003-2012? I'd like to try it on my 2015.
  14. dillsley

    FOX Shock onwers

    Pulled this off the "Shop Notebook" that BTR added. Setting seem very "light with 2- 4 turns out but that's for break in? I wonder what others are running? Initial settings for shock break in (version 2.1): CD slow: delivered = 10 stiff (CW), goes to 25, set to 4 (16% of max) CD fast: delivered = 15 stiff (CW), goes to 27, set to 2 (7% of max) RD: delivered = 16 stiff (CW), goes to 28, set to 4 (14% of max) Details are here under the Shock Settings tab Rear version 2.1 based on BagLock1: "I run my Fox Podium X with as little damping as possible. About 4 clicks of low-speed compression and 1 or 2 clicks of high-speed compression. Rebound has as few clicks as possible for the given terrain. Fox also told me to run it ‘loose’ with as little damping as possible.” BTR: “After riding testing the Fox shock over two years now. We run the 550 spring We are between 160/165 pounds [without gear]. Compression from full soft to 1 or two turns out. Hi speed Adjuster full soft then out 1/4 turn. I need check rebound then I will post. Note when you turn rebound adjuster harder it also makes Comp stiffer. We run sag no rider 1in or 5/8in.” post BTR comment on break-in: “I found it took a very long time for break in [the Podium RC2]. I don’t go by hours that’s for unreliable bikes. So it took about 8 rides at over 100 miles a day. It just kept getting better every time I rode it. My Comp slow/Hi speed set very soft love it.” “I forgot to add. When you adjust the rebound more hard you will find out you then need one click less on comp.”
  15. dillsley

    New rotor

    I did the same. Love it! If anybody needs a stock rotor cheap PM me.