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  1. Pnzrdvsn

    Anybody going for the Galfer S/S brake lines?

    I got front and rear with new pads. On an am. A lot more brake feel stops better
  2. Pnzrdvsn

    Community opinions on this 2008 SM? about to buy!

    I picked up an 08 with 2500mi all stock for 3900$ in so-cal.
  3. Pnzrdvsn

    DRZ400 CL finds

    I'm pretty sure I saw that for sale about 2-3 months ago, but not broken
  4. Pnzrdvsn

    New CVK40 convert

    I swapped springs and was happy with the results, it took me an hour for the first one and 20min for the other, you can make the tool to hold the inner damping rod with a big washer. I had another person to help me push it back together, not sure the trick on doing it your self. There's a good guide on SMJ and a video of a guy rebuilding Honda forks (Showa) on YouTube. I did get my suspension dialed in after by a professional. Feels solid now.
  5. Pnzrdvsn

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Welded up yosh case savers one tab broke off
  6. Pnzrdvsn

    New SM owner with a project on my hands

    I'd check the motor out real good. Not sure what you've already done but I'd basically go through the lock tight fixes inspecting everything as I went and I check the valves look over all the top end.
  7. Pnzrdvsn

    Feeler Gauges For Checking Valves

    You have a Napa auto parts where you're at? That's where I picked mine up.
  8. Pnzrdvsn

    DRZ400 CL finds

    http://sandiego.craigslist.org/ssd/mcy/5091191303.html Seems too good to be true
  9. Pnzrdvsn

    New CVK40 convert

    I took the top cap off and I pulled the subframe into the carb boot with a ratchet strap.
  10. Pnzrdvsn

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Zeta rubber killers, protaper Wyndham bend, triple clamp mounts for the hand guards. And some pillow top grips.
  11. Pnzrdvsn

    New CVK40 convert

    Up top in the revs, being as the cams have something like .020 more lift and same duration, It's not a night and day change. I was hoping for a bit more power.
  12. Pnzrdvsn

    New CVK40 convert

    I got my e cams, went up 1 main jet size, 152.5 might go down one needle position midrange doesn't seem as crisp
  13. Pnzrdvsn


    I'm a couple hundred shy of 10k, times my bikes been to a shop. ... 0 Problems 1 vacuum pet started leaking. Put on raptor manual pet cock. Problem fixed. Feel that's pretty reliable.
  14. Pnzrdvsn

    New CVK40 convert

    Rained in San Diego , but after I got all my rain gear on rode, .2 miles no rain rest of the day.
  15. Pnzrdvsn

    DR-Z 400sm 2006 or 2009?

    I'd rather get low miles then farkles that's just me, I picked up my 08 with 2k miles, basically a brand new bike. I feel it's less to worry about. Gives you more riding time before you need worry about things going wrong.