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  1. PBryant

    Crankcase Bearing Removal/Installation Anyone Can Do

    Before grabbing the hammer and punch take the case halves and slap them down on a solid surface, most if not all the bearings will fall right out,
  2. PBryant

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Yes Pilchuck, I have yet to tackle 13 Flavors Of Death.
  3. PBryant

    Walker Valley Toughest Trails

  4. PBryant

    walker valley tires

    That tire is trashed, I'll come over and spoon it off for you and dispose of it for free
  5. PBryant

    walker valley tires

    Goldentyre fatty front or the new shinko knock off. Shinko 505 on the rear. Setup with TUbliss front and rear, psi 6-8 front, 3-5 rear. Be sure to change the tiny inner bladder of the tubliss at tire changes as it wears where it goes around the rim lock.
  6. PBryant

    Documentary Video: Foggy Dew of the North Cascades

    20 miles on an off track line that was truly excellent? Then you post a gpx file of it for all to see and ride? Not sure why I have engaged as you are clearly hell bent on publicizing every last nook and cranny of primitive single track you can find.
  7. PBryant

    Kilted Duck Poker Run condition update

    Wish I could make it this year, this is a fun event with just the sort of riding I like!
  8. PBryant

    Lithium NEW battery is not being charged from bike.

    I have a 2015 xcw. The connector to the regulator had one of the contact pins rusted out. I cut it out and replaced it with at trailer wire connector. All good now.
  9. PBryant

    Are you afraid?

    Local riding legend Scott Weber was reported to give the advice that when you feel yourself tense up you should let out a loud yahoo.
  10. PBryant

    November/Oregon/Singletrack/No Beta 390

    Those trails look sweet! Have you tried safety glasses, instead of googles?
  11. PBryant

    TigerTanker returns to Snake Pit April 2018

    These dudes are going to drive all the way from California to ride Mattawa?
  12. PBryant

    Mattawa Sat-Tuesday, TigerTanker rides...

    Ok whatever, pretty sure its not part of the ORV area, and I cant see what good can come of posting a highly recognizable spot on the internet. But hey you spend lots of money on gear and likely know best.
  13. PBryant

    Mattawa Sat-Tuesday, TigerTanker rides...

    I would think twice about posting pictures online of riding under the horse sculptures, not sure the BLM would agree you should be there.
  14. PBryant

    Shelton, Belfair, Tahuya, Bremerton Single track Riding/Living

    Frasier Valley in BC