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  1. Think ill mess with it tomorrow man you been a big help i thank you for it theres barley any videos on YouTube that help [emoji28]
  2. No
  3. I can push it down with my hand
  4. 97rm125 i bored the cylinder 80 over and new piston and gaskets low compression
  5. I just rebuilt my bike and it wont start it just sneezes when i kick it whats the problem
  6. I used a size thicker then 10w40 because the 400ex were know to burn oil a lil faster
  7. I got a 07 400ex i pulled the head because its stopped running and the piston was beat up and cylinder scratched i was wondering if I could get away with just a top end rebuild
  8. Do you guys think a 1995 header will fit on a 1997 rm125 ?
  9. Will a 1995 rm125 header fit on a 1997 rm125
  10. Will a 1995 rm125 header fit a 1997 rm125