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  1. I was digging through some pics and found the broken shift reset spring.
  2. Mine is a 2004 and it broke. My guess is it’s all dependent on how many shifts have occurred. We fixed more of them on the 400ex at the shop, because more people have the quad. I live in bone dry AZ and have cracked both frame tubes off the main oil reservoir, creating a good leak out in the bush. Also had to weld the kickstand area up. I’m selling and getting something newer with an aluminum frame and e start💁🏼‍♂️
  3. #10, but the picture shows the old part before redesign. They break at the top of the hoop bend, I have a picture of the broken one somewhere.
  4. There is a small ($3) single wire spring with a sharp bend in it that resets the shift mechanism. Over time, like any piece of metal with a bend in it that gets worked repeatedly... it breaks. The new design spring got rid of the bend.
  5. The XR400 has quite a weak frame prone to rust out, I’ve welded mine back together several places now. Might not be the best bike for a wet environment, and do you know about the shift reset spring issue? I love the low maintenance but the 400 is not without issues.
  6. You don’t want a stock one, they eventually crack along the bottom seam.
  7. You have to cut the valve seats when you install new valves, otherwise they won't seal just like yours.
  8. Wow, what an epic ride the Paiute turned out to be. Did about 340 miles over 3 days, with roads varying from smooth enough to take a nap on... to rocky hillclimbs with both feet flailing about hoping for the best. A lot of the aspens had turned colors at high elevations, but 1 week later would have been even better(1st weekish of October). My maximum elevation was 11,450 feet and a low of 5,100ft. Loads of scenery everywhere, so even when the road wasn't that exciting it let's you look around at your surroundings. A little bit of tarmac when coming down off the mountains and into town, with trail markers to help guide you through the streets. Everybody waived to me in the tiny towns while riding a dirtbike, pretty cool! Here are my loops, first day is blue(sorry-- accidentally started tracking from my house), second day red, third day yellow. Each day the riding got steeper and rockier, with some really gnarly rockiness outside of Circleville-- east and west of it. My favorite parts were: Max Reid trail; #1 between Richfield and Fremont Park; a little section of #1 just west of Aurora; #1 southwest of Marysvale; and for favorite technical switchback craziness-- the #41. Oh, and in each day of over 100 miles I saw maybe 10 other vehicles on the trails... what a nice change from Moab. Also, all the towns rent atvs if you need to bring some sort of friends/ family along. Try to get there and do it, you won't be disappointed.
  9. I just reserved a hotel room in Richfield, $42.50 a night . I'm going to ride for 3 days, right after the ATV Jamboree leaves... I've learned to research when large events are and avoid that scene. I'll plan exact routes when I get my NatGeo map, and I've downloaded oruxmaps onto the phone that will be in a waterproof sack strapped to my crossbar--I get lost fairly easy. I'm hoping for minimal rain and maximum foliage colors. It looks like the storms start mid Octoberish, turning it into a slopfest--trying to avoid such malarky. I did a family vacation last month in the Zion->Bryce area, just amazing territory in general. Stoked!
  10. Thank you FR, great reports! I've decided to take the XR and base out of towns, I'm a sissy when it comes to camping in cold/inclement weather which seems common there. It is a vacation after all, so relaxing at a cheap hotel after a hard days ride sounds better than setting up camp possibly in a thunderstorm. The quad just doesn't jump, wheelie, or slide like I need to at times to get my fix!
  11. I've changed out quite a few of those covers at the dealership, I've seen one's where the coolant passages where almost completely blocked up with corrosion.
  12. I'm looking to hit the Paiute in September. I've seen a few conflicting reports as to the true mileage of all the trails combined, and whether or not legal single track exists. But nobody argues about it's scenery. I can't take enough gear on my xr400 for 3-4 days of camping, so I have a few questions for the locals. Can you slip into enough towns for gas/food/lodging off the main trail? Can you base out of Marysvale or is there another town better to do that? Should I just take my ATV (gasp) and camp off of it? Any advice on the area greatly appreciated, and I've sent for a trail map so I don't get lost and die.
  13. The updates are as follows- *96- running change made to clutch springs *97- no updates except for graphics *98- updated ignition timing, .43 fork springs replace .39 springs, updated damping in forks, updated carb settings ie needle slide jets, stronger kickstart lever, stronger r/h footpeg bracket, stronger rear subframe,updated triple chamber muffler replaced old twin chamber design (less restrictive) 99- Identical to 98 save for graphics changes 00- updated countershaft and 2nd gear pinions, updated damping in rear shock, plus fighting red colouring and graphics!! 01 and on- graphics changes only Like This Quote MultiQuote Report
  14. Check to make sure the cable spins at the speedometer when you rotate the front wheel. The cable could be bad or the last owner could have destroyed the drive gears if they didn't put it in the wheel correctly. If the odo is bad, you could take it apart but I doubt it's worth fixing. Then Ebay time...
  15. I agree, they should discount the tank... and second party vendors are not listing the tank as a blemished item. I suppose they have a set number of complaints they have to reach on a tank before it no longer meets their definition of "unmatched factory finish" and it gets discounted. What factory are we talking about here, I worked in a dealership garage for several years and never saw a tank like this-- even on Chinese stuff. Thank you Mr. Michigan400 for letting me know my thread is making a difference. I suppose Clarke has done the right thing by listing it as blemished now, but now they need to let vendors know so they can change the ad for it... and they need to lower the price.
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