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  1. Diesel-1

    Pillow top grip install help

    I bought a cheap aluminum throttle tube from ebay and it was pretty nice. Something like this one.... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Xr600-Xr650r-Xr650l-Pro-Factory-Racing-Billet-Aluminum-Throttle-Tube-Red-/231014978104?fits=Model%3ACRF250L&hash=item35c990d238:g:deMAAOSw~gRV4Gxm&vxp=mtr
  2. Diesel-1

    Bike won't start in the cold

    gnath9 what type of battery do you run? I live in Kansas and previously Illinois were the temperatures in my garage are typically below 0 F. If my batteries are not on the tender then I will certainly be buying new batteries in the spring. Seems like I have purchased at least one new battery every year running 3 bikes.
  3. Diesel-1

    CRF250M swap vs. Warp9?

    Another option is to do the CBR250 wheel swap.
  4. Diesel-1

    Side to side wobbling at high speed

    Did you change the chain? If so make sure your chain and sprockets are both 520. Also for street driving you might need to get your wheels balanced especially if you have rim locks.
  5. Diesel-1

    Pillow top grip install help

    I have never had a problem with WD40. In fact the last set I replaced I had to cut off.
  6. Diesel-1

    Pillow top grip install help

    Next time you put on grips get out your air compressor and blow air down the sides of the grip while you are pushing it on. Also you can use a bit of wd40 to help lubricate. Once the grip is on use the compressor to dry any remaining WD40 between the grips and the throttle tube.
  7. Diesel-1

    Momma relented...maybe

    lets see that 250x you have to sell.
  8. Diesel-1

    Clutch switch

    I shorted the wires on my 230F. Wouldn't have it any other way for riding off road.
  9. Diesel-1

    Flasher/indicator rate

    Also see here http://www.honda-crf250l.com/crf250l-turn-signals/
  10. Diesel-1

    Flasher/indicator rate

    It's a flasher not an indicator. The flasher in under the right side shroud. Just unplug the old one and plug the new one in.
  11. Diesel-1

    Plasti Dip tips and pics!

    I had the same experience. Dipped the lower grey chain guard thingy and the exhaust shield. Both lasted less than 5 minutes.
  12. Diesel-1

    Plasti Dip tips and pics!

    Use at least 4 coats. The more coats the easier it is to remove
  13. Diesel-1

    2014 230F won't start - only backfires

    I also have a 230f and it can be tough to start some times. Here is a list of things you can try. 1. Always keep it on a battery tender to keep your battery in good working order. Even if it is cranking there may not be enough amps to turn the starter fast enough. 2. Empty the float bowl and Drain the tank and if possible fill it with non ethanol gasoline. Hard to find in most places but I found quicktrip sells it at some stations. 3. Mix sea foam with your new gasoline. 4. Remove the air filter and spray in some carb cleaner. This will get it running long enough to get any bad gas out of the carb and get the new gas in. 5. If you are not going to ride for a few days switch the fuel line to off and let the bike run till it dies and all the gas is out of the carb.
  14. Diesel-1

    Galfer Brakes Brake Line Kit

    Nice stopping power
  15. Diesel-1

    FMF Racing PowerCore 4 Full System

    Worth the $$